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Week 14
~ Mining for Gold, or a Heartbeat

I am very happy to report that we did have our midwife appointment this week and we were actually able to hear our little one this time. It did take her a little while to find the baby, but she thankfully was persistent. I have to say that laying there when she was still looking and waiting was a little nerve-racking. I had some pretty horrible thoughts that she was just not going to find a heartbeat because of something going wrong. It is pretty amazing how quickly one's mind can think the worst. It was definitely hard to keep it together when we finally heard that precious sound.

The midwife said that our baby was very low, tucked way down in there. Baby's heart rate was good and at 153 bpm. I know that some people use the heart rate to guess the baby's gender. Our last doctor did that, and she was right three out of four times, so who knows. If there is any truth to it, since baby's heart rate was in the 150s, I think we are in the range of having another boy. Since we will not be finding out baby's gender, I guess we will have to wait and see.

My blood pressure was nice and low, despite having the kids with me this time too. Isabelle took a video with our camera for us while the midwife was trying to find baby's heartbeat. There are definite advantages to having older children to help out with things like this. That way it freed up Jeremy so he could keep up with the rowdy boys. All things considered, the kids did quite well.

I have been feeling really great again this week. I have still been having very little nausea, and my energy levels seem to be pretty good too. I would say my only complaint would be that I have been having to get up to go to the bathroom in the night a little too much for my liking, but I realize that it comes with the territory. The good news is, that should only get worse as time goes by.


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