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Week 15
~ The Dreaded Phrase . . . Potty Training!

I know I have already vented on this subject in past journals, but her we go again. A little after our oldest son Michael turned three, he was starting to understand everything pretty well. He would still have accidents though, because he would wait too long before going to the bathroom. It was a little discouraging how long it took for him to get a handle on things. Well, Titus is now four and we still do not see any light at the end of the tunnel with him. It is not that he is just being lazy and not making it to the bathroom. He just does not get it.

There are lots of times I will try to let him sit on the toilet for a while and I will ask him if he has gone. He will say yes, when I know he has not. Or I will ask him if he is messy or wet before changing him, and he will frequently be wrong, and I know he is not lying. I know that every child is different, but I still kind of thought we would be there by now. It would be really nice to have it happen before baby comes at least. Three kids in diapers sounds a little painful.

On the pregnancy front, this week was another good week. As far as I can tell what little bit of nausea I did have is gone. I have been getting up two to three times at night to go to the bathroom, which is not super cool. As far as cravings go, I have really been enjoying sandwiches with mayonnaise, fried eggs, and peperoncini slices, and plenty of salt. Oh my goodness . . . yum! Especially if the bread is fried in a pan in olive oil until golden brown, instead of toasting it. If you have not ever tried it, I highly recommend it!


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