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Week 18
~ I Can't Help It...I Eat When I'm Nauseous

snow fun

We did have our midwife appointment this week and everything went really well. I admit I was a little concerned that everything would be okay. The week before, I was finding that baby's movements were starting to become much more noticeable, but a few days before the appointment, I did not feel much of anything. That was not overly confidence inspiring, you could say. I tried to not worry, but every time I was sitting still, I really paid close attention to movement and still felt none. We of course were praying everything would be okay, and the evening before the appointment and again the next morning, I felt movement again. I was still a little anxious when it came time to hear that heartbeat, but thankfully everything was just fine.

Baby's heart rate was in the 140s to 150s, and was also moving around just fine. My blood pressure was nice and low again, and my total weight gain for this pregnancy is now around 12-13 pounds. I am very surprised by how low that number is, and fairly certain it has a LOT to do with how little nausea I had this time. With past pregnancies the only time I feel the least nauseous is when I am actually eating, which is not overly helpful in the weight gaining department. Also, I have gained anywhere from 30-60 pounds with the others. I know that my doctor would always say that I always had a lot of fluid at the birth, but still, 60 pounds is just kind of crazy. I also know that it really does not matter how much you are gaining if you are continuing to eat healthy and there are not other issues factoring in such as gestational diabetes. It will still be interesting though to see just how much we end up at this time.

snow play

We had several days of snow here that were supposed to be rain for most of them, so for our area we ended up with a decent amount. There were around five to six inches, and the kids had tons of fun playing in it. After a couple of days it did end up drizzling for part of a day, so the snow was very easy to pack. The kids made some pretty huge snowballs that they needed their daddy's help to push around. It was fun watching all of them, especially since no one was really pushing well in one direction. It definitely brought joy to my day! Here are a couple of pictures of them. Hope you are all having a great week!


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