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Week 19
~ Cloth Diapering Saga

At the end of last summer, we decided to make the plunge to cloth diapers. We have a lot of reasons for making the switch, but most importantly to us is how much junk they put in disposables. So we did a lot of research, and finally settled on the Bum Genius 4.0 One Size diapers. We also invested in a sprayer that mounts to the side of the toilet, which I have to say is very awesome.

Overall I love them, but I would be lying to say we have not had some bumps here and there. My biggest challenge I would say is when one of the boys is wet, the diaper will very quickly have a strong "ammonia" type smell to it. I have done the things they have suggested for "stripping" the diapers and used bleach in our washer, but it still does not seem to really help. I have tried lots of different things on the diapers from hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda, more soap, and less soap, in an attempt to not use so much bleach. Bleach is the only product I can find that if I soak them in a bucket with water and bleach overnight that they actually come out looking more like new again. The liners are very soft and absorbent and do not smell bad again, but do smell a little like bleach, despite having washed and rinsed them twice after the soak.

I really hate using so much bleach since we really try going the more natural route for things. I know that was a lot of rambling, I just would love to finally figure all of this out so it is not such a frustrating process. If anyone out there has experienced this and would like to share any tips or tricks, I would love to hear from you!

As far as the pregnancy is going, things are still going well. Jeremy was able to feel our sweet little one move around this week for the first time, which was exciting. Baby's movements have been getting much stronger and fun to feel. Something I have never experienced before with the other pregnancies, but have been noticing recently, are the varicose veins. I must admit I am also a little disturbed by it all. I know that they are normal with pregnancy, but it is just weird to me how big and bulging they are. It almost seems unsafe, like they are going to burst with how close they are to the top of the skin. One is on the back side of my right thigh, pretty high up, and the others are on the same leg, just closer to my knee. I am sure it will all be okay, it just seems a bit odd.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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