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Week 20
~ Halfway!


I cannot believe that we have made it this far already. It does not seem possible. I am thankful for how fast it has gone by, but I am sure as it nears the end it will feel like time is crawling. I really would not mind if the baby comes as early as the others. They were anywhere from 7-15 days early. This will probably the first time we go past the due date though. There are a lot of things to get ready before that time, but I know it will all fall into place as we get closer. We are also finally starting to narrow down the baby names. I think we have the girl's name picked out now, and we have it narrowed down to just two with the boy's. We took out our list and crossed off everything that was even close to questionable, and finally made some progress.

The kids were able to feel the baby move this week too. It was very exciting for them. Titus and Michael were a little impatient with it all. As is almost always the case, when I tell them the baby is moving, baby stops when they try to feel. Isabelle really enjoyed feeling the baby too, and she still comes up to me at random times during the day and asks if I can feel the baby moving. They are so excited and keep asking when summer will be here. When I remind them it is still a few months away, they are not impressed.

Emily at 20 weeks

Jeremy has been working on a remodel job for some friends of ours since he did not have any work with his dad. The job was not too big, but he did end up working on it for two weeks. When it came time to do the electrical, the owners asked if I would come and help Jeremy with it. I tried to remind them that I am a little out of practice, but I was surprised at just how fast it all came back to me. Jeremy has worked in the past as an electrical apprentice for a little over a year, so he was aware of what was going on too. Of course anything that was anywhere close to 'dangerous', Jeremy did. I really had a good time working on it all and it brought back lots of memories. It did help that I was working with Jeremy too, since we really enjoy working together. The lady of the house was there and watched the kiddos for us, so that worked out well too. As much fun as I had, I still feel very blessed being home with my kiddos, and really do not miss working out in the elements and all the other junk that comes with the job. I try to not take for granted all the lousy, unpleasant work my husband does on my behalf. Gotta love that guy!

Here is a picture of me at 20 weeks, and also one of the kiddos. Have a great week!


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