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Weeks 24 & 25 - April 10, 2014
~ Still Sick!

I am afraid I am a little behind on my journal. Most of that is because I have been ill. Every time I think I am over it, the crazy stuff comes back. I have had this junk off and on three weeks now, which is not cool. I would love to say I think I am actually gaining ground again, but who really knows. I have been taking my vitamins but I am sure the biggest factor in all of this is the lack of sleep. I try to take naps when the kids are either resting or napping, but it usually is not successful. Someday, maybe I will be past this, I just hope it is before baby shows up.

We were able to take a walk all together on the greenbelt here on a day I thought I was improving. The weather was gorgeous and the area was really pretty. It was so wonderful to finally be out. The kids all had a good time too. The path runs along a little creek, and there were lots of ducks in the water for them to see. We ended up walking two miles when it was all over with, so not too far, but a nice length for everyone. I really wished we lived closer to town so we could do things like this more often. We are anywhere from to 1 hour drive, depending on which area we go to, so the cost of fuel does play a factor.

Our little one is doing great. The kids have all been feeling the baby lots and really enjoying it. Michael and Titus were both finally patient enough to sit and feel some pretty good kicks here and there. Once they finally realized what was going on and just how fun it is to feel, the looks on their faces were pretty sweet. They actually ask more often now if the baby is moving so they can feel. I think my biggest issue with the pregnancy at this point, which I mentioned earlier, is the lack of sleep. It is getting harder to sleep, partly because of being uncomfortable, and partly because of needing to get up to go to the bathroom a million times each night. Everything else though, is still going really well.

Next week is another midwife appointment, and as always, we are excited about that. I am not sure when they will bump me to the two week appointments, if they will start this next time, or wait a month. It will be interesting to see. Either way, we are getting close. I love more frequent appointments, since it really helps me feel like things are moving a little quicker.

I hope you all have a great week!


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