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Week 26 - April 15, 2014
~ A Much Better Week!

This week did include another midwife appointment. We did get to meet one of the student midwives who was accompanied by another midwife we have already met. I believe we have now met them all. Our little one is doing really good. The heart rate was in the 150s, and I believe I am right around 25 pounds for my total weight gain this time. They did tell me again that my white blood cell count was up a little again, which I informed them that I have still been a little ill. They were mostly concerned of a possible bladder infection, which I do not have.

While we were there, we also inquired if they had any suggestions for doctors who would do a circumcision, if we have a boy, and also where we can find some oral vitamin K. They were able to provide us with a nice list of doctors, and also a phone number for someone who we can get the vitamin K from. After a bit of research about oral vitamin K, we felt this is a much better alternative to the shot for us. I was able to call about both of these situations later in the week and we are quite pleased with the results and feel more prepared in this department now. We will be picking up some oral vitamin K as it gets closer to baby time, and if we end up having a little boy, we now have a doctor lined up for that as well. It feels good to have all of that taken care of.

After our appointment, we went shopping to spend some gift cards that Michael had received for his birthday. While we were at the store, they were having a really good sale on baby clothes, so we went ahead and picked out a boy and girl set for the baby's first outfit. I really love the outfits we found and I am super excited to see which one we get to use. I know we have so many baby clothes that have been packed away from the other kids that are really in good condition; but I just like to have their first one to call their own that I put away in their keepsakes after they grow out of it. Another item to check off the list! Here are some pics of the little outfits we picked out. The little girl short sleeve onesie does have a butterfly on the front and says 'Daddy loves me' on it too.

I have been feeling better this week and I think I just might get this dumb thing whipped this time. Each day this week has actually been progressively better, instead of a couple of good days followed by more bad days. More varicose veins have been appearing in my right leg calf area as well. They still are not causing any pain, just not the most pleasant to look at.

I have also been having more of the Braxton Hicks this week. When they first started a month and a half ago now, I expected them to increase quite a bit in strength, like they had with my last pregnancies. Instead, they almost disappeared. There were a few here and there, but nothing like I expected. They have been getting stronger this week though, and the discomfort does seem to affect my bladder first, which is awesome. As if I do not already feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. The encouraging part about this, however, just means we are getting closer.

I hope you all have a great week!


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