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Weeks 29 & 30 - May 13, 2014
~ Tired of All the Drama Llamas!

As we are quickly approaching the birth, there are a few questions on my mind that I admit are causing me a fair amount of stress. With all of the stress and tension in the house right now, the last place I would like to leave the kids when baby shows up, is here. The only problem with that is it does in fact make the most sense to leave them here with my in-laws, especially if baby shows up in the night. If the kiddos are asleep when we head in, leaving them at the house does seem the most practical. Since I do not feel very comfortable with that option though, I am considering asking my younger sister if we can drop them off with her, since my mom will be at the birthing center with us. However, I already invited my sister to join us for the birth if she wanted to. So now I am stressed that I will hurt her feelings with asking her to watch the kiddos instead. I really dislike all of the drama! I am definitely hoping it all comes together without too much trouble.

Our little one is doing well still with lots of movement; movement that is still pretty gentle though. Sometimes at night before we go to bed, Jeremy will feel the baby moving around and talk the baby. It is fun to watch the baby react to his voice. He is such a good Daddy and I always love seeing his interactions with the kids. I know this time will be no different.

At the beginning of week 30, I had another midwife appointment. They did draw blood to check my iron levels. Since we are vegetarians, I do struggle more with being anemic but have been taking some black strap molasses, so I will be interested to see how it is. Our baby is doing great and the heart rate was in the 140s with my blood pressure still nice and low. We are starting the two-week visits now too. It is so exciting to be to this point!

I hope you all have a great week!


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