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Week 31 - May 21, 2014
~ Doing the Happy Dance!

This past week started off on a really good note. I decided to go ahead and try potty training Titus again. I did not have really high hopes but thought I had better give it one more chance before baby shows up. So I got everything set up and let him try and he actually went!! To say I was shocked and very excited would be an understatement. There might have been some tears from this momma. I praised him a lot and told him I was so proud of him, amongst some tears. I am sure he probably thinks his mom is a nut now, but hey, I really wanted him to know he had done well. We are still working on things, but he has not had too many accidents, especially for just getting started. I am pretty thrilled that there will not be three in diapers when our little one arrives.

My parents were also in town this past weekend. It was very nice to be able to see them again. Levi gets so excited when he sees any semi, and he knows which color is "Grandma & Poppa's" truck, so when he sees another one like it, he gets very frantic and tells us it is theirs. The kids did get a chance to spend one night with them at their house. It was nice for them to get away from all of the stress in this house, and be able to just be kids. I feel very blessed that they always have so much fun with my parents, and being honest, it was nice for Jeremy and I to have an evening to ourselves. We do miss the kids a lot when they are gone though.

While my parents were here, I asked my mom about what to expect when baby shows up in regards to her being home, or both of them being here, or just exactly how that was all going to happen. Originally, I thought the plan was for my mom to come home just a little while before baby was due, and stay until baby showed up, and my dad would be driving solo until it was time to come back. However, when we discussed it all, she brought up that since my younger sister is expecting now too, she felt that maybe they would need to take off more time then instead. It is my sister's first baby, so I do understand that she will probably need my mom a little more than me. I am still hoping that their scheduled time off will end up being at a good time to be here just after baby makes an appearance instead of just before, like last time.

Our baby is doing great, and I have still been feeling amazing. My only complaint, which only happens occasionally, is the round ligament pain. It seems to come at very random times, so I am not even exactly sure how to prevent it. The stretching of my skin does seem to be much better and I do not feel like the itching is going to make me go crazy. The baby has been getting the hiccups more frequently too. They are always fun to experience, and the kids have all had a chance to feel it too. Only one more week until our midwife appointment!

I hope you all have a great week!


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