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Week 33 - June 2, 2014
~ Getting Ready


This week was actually a very productive week. It was nice to finally get some big things done that had been keeping other progress from happening. We were able to get our storage shed mostly organized again so we could dig out the newborn clothing and car seat. I am happy to report the car seat is all cleaned, put back together, and installed. I was also able to wash the newborn clothes. Since we never find out of we are having a boy or girl, I always pick out several outfits of both boy and girl to wash and have prepared. Even though I wash all of the clothing and car seat after the last child used it, it is still nice to have it freshly cleaned.

Isabelle helped me go through the newborn outfits to choose some to have out. It was fun "oohing and ahhing" over all of the cute clothes with her. Getting all of the clothes ready has really made it feel more real and I am so incredibly anxious and excited to meet this little one. Now I just need to get all of my bags ready, and I would also like to have some more things around the house done before the baby comes too, just the normal nesting things.

I have been feeling great again this week and baby is doing really well too. My only concern has been the Braxton Hicks. There were a couple of days in a row where they were much more intense than I expected, and lasting most of the day. There were times that I admit I was a bit concerned. They were not really painful, but definitely caused some discomfort. I do have a midwife appointment at the beginning of this next week, and due to all of the action, I am very seriously considering asking to be checked to make sure nothing is going on down there.

I hope you all have a great week!


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