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Weeks 34 & 35 - June 18, 2014
~ People Amaze Me!

At the midwife appointment this week I did bring up the Braxton Hicks that I have been experiencing. She did say that with the more pregnancies you have, it is perfectly normal for them to be more intense and lasting longer. Also, she said that one very common cause can also be from being dehydrated. With the warmer weather and since we have definitely been spending more time outside lately working on the garden and other things, I do not doubt that I have not been drinking enough. So I have really been trying to keep up on that. With all of that information, and since the contractions seemed to have eased up again, I decided to not ask to be checked, although she said they could at any point, if I would like. I am trying to decide if I will ask to be checked at the next visit though, just to see how things are going. The next visit will be in two weeks and then down to weekly from that point. Our baby was still doing great with a heart rate in the 150s again, and moving around a lot when she was checking me. At the next visit they will be giving me all the information on what to expect when baby is born too.

We went to a wedding this week and just when I think that people can not possibly be more dumb, they manage to pull through yet again. I knew it was only a matter of time until the twin comment would rear its ugly head, but seriously people. I had a moment where I considered posting something on Facebook about the top ten things NOT to say to a pregnant woman. Things like are you sure there are not two in there? Wow, when are you due? You have really popped out there! Do you need a wheelbarrow to hold your belly? Are you having a baby or a Volkswagen? What really blows me away with some of these, is they were made from women who have children. And if it is not the comments about how big I am, it is something about how many kids we have. When did having just two kids somehow become the norm and suddenly give people the right to make rude comments and judge others on their family planning? You know, just a simple 'congratulations on your pregnancy', would really be nice sometimes. I suppose I should move on since I really could share a lot more.

I have been trying to get all of our bags packed and ready to go. I am not quite finished with mine, but all of the kids are ready to go and in the car. I really struggle when trying to get my things ready with deciding what is really necessary or not. I always try to think of all of the possible scenarios with the birth on how it could all go, and it is very difficult for me to keep everything from getting way out of control. I just like to be prepared I guess.

I hope you all have a great week!


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