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Weeks 36 & 37 - July 1, 2014
~ Time to Get This Show On the Road!

Things have been going well here. Even though we have been keeping busy, it does not seem like there is a huge amount to share this time. I have been getting some extra cleaning done, and also putting some extra meals away in the freezer to try and help make that transition a little more smooth. I also have finally packed my bags as much as I can. At this point it will just be some last minute items that I need to stick in before we head out. The birthing center does have a kitchen that we are allowed to use while we are there too, so that will helpful. My plan is to take along some snacks that are high in protein to eat during and after labor, and also pack a meal for us that will not take a lot of preparing for after the birth.

I am getting so excited with everything packed up and ready to go. I was a little concerned that we might not make it to the 37 week mark, with all of the contractions I have been having and really worried that something dumb would happen and we would not get to deliver at the birthing center because of being early. I am very pleased that is not the case now, unless we go past 42 weeks, which I really do not see happening. Our plan right now is after the baby comes that we will call my sister so she can bring all the kiddos with her to the birthing center. We do not intend to tell her on the phone either about the baby's gender or name, and that way we can see and video the kids' reactions when they come to meet their sibling. I am so ready to meet this little one. Anytime now baby . . . anytime!

We also had another midwife appointment to start off week 36, and everything was going smoothly again. They did give me the paperwork on what to expect with the birth, so it it is nice to feel a little more prepared in that department too. I was told I could return in one week if I would like, or since things are going well, I could wait another two weeks again. Even though I really like going weekly, I decided on two weeks again since Jeremy has been working and trying to get all of the details with that figured out can be challenging at times. It is a decent drive too, so two weeks it is.

They will be doing the Group B Strep test at that time as well, so I have been doing all I can to take lots of probiotics and other preventative measures in an attempt to have a negative result. I really do not want it to come back positive again. Our little one was doing great again, and still with a heart rate of 140-150 bpm. The baby also had the hiccups while the midwife was feeling around, which she found to be pretty funny. I have now gained a total of about 40 pounds, which again for me is not too bad.

I hope you all have a great week!


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