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Week 38
~ Waiting on a Baby

I did start the week off with another midwife appointment. The midwife did take the Group B Strep swab, so it will be interesting to see what the results will be. I did ask her to check me for any progress. I figured she might as well while she was working around down there. She said I was at a one, which I realize basically means nothing. I was a little disappointed by that number, since I am usually more dilated by this point in time. I know that being more dilated does not really mean anything, since it all can change so quickly, or go on for weeks. The baby was also doing great with a heart rate in the 130s. I have also noticed that baby has dropped. I can definitely tell that the belly looks lower, and I can breathe better now, which is really nice.

Part of the visit was spent on talking about when to call in when I am in labor too. She said to go ahead and wait until things were getting more intense with contractions around 4-5 minutes apart for about an hour before calling in. I am just hoping my water breaks again this time, like it did when Levi was born. It really made it so much easier to know when to go, since labor usually picks up quite quickly and we live about 45 minutes from the birthing center. If we were only 10 minutes away, this would not be an issue.

We did get together with some of Jeremy's family for some activities, fireworks, and food on the 3rd of July. I must admit I am not a huge fan of doing the little fireworks. When we go and watch the big ones that are put on by the city, I find those to be fun and pretty to see all the cool things they come up with. However, just getting them for ourselves does not interest me. They are usually very loud, and sometimes scare the kids. Someone usually gives the kids the sparklers, without much instruction, and then everyone is running towards each other, not really paying any attention to safety. I used to love fireworks as a kid, when my parents would do all of that with us, so I am not really sure why it changed for me. Maybe I am too over protective with the kiddos and just need to chill a little more.

My sister-in-law who was due two weeks ahead of me did have her baby on the third also. They were all supposed to come join in the activities, but baby had other plans. The first part of that day, I was having a fair amount of contractions also, thinking it would be very funny if our babies came at the same time. But alas, no such luck. I know baby will come when baby is ready, but I admit I am getting a bit impatient now that we are beyond the 37 week mark. My parents are supposed to be here again this weekend, and again I think that would be a great time for baby to show up. My mom could actually be here instead of missing it again, but I am afraid I am not in control. And so begins the loading and unloading my bags every time we go anywhere, just to make sure we are prepared. Okay little one, anytime now!

I hope you all have a great week!


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