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Weeks 4 - 6
~ Back to the Beginning

Well I suppose I should start by bringing everyone up to speed on how things started out. So I will go way back, back to the end of March, when we found out we were expecting. We of course were very excited. The pregnancy test was a bit on the faint side, but definitely positive. We did share the happy news with family, and about two weeks later I started spotting. It gradually got to be much heavier, and a couple of days after that, I did pass the baby. Those were some tough days. No parent should have to bury their baby. Having been through it before though, I at least felt better about knowing a little more what to expect.

We decided that after talking with our naturopathic physician that the best thing to do was to prevent having another baby to allow my body time to heal and recover, and also for my cycles to be normal again, as in mostly consistent. He said it could even take a year or longer. That seemed like an eternity at the time, but we knew it would be for the best. So we spent several months trying to really build my body back up in many different areas.

As for my cycles, they were all over the place. Anywhere from 26-32 days, with spotting up to a week in advance. Now if you do the math on all of that, there wasn't a whole lot of down time for no bleeding. It wasn't a lot of bleeding thankfully, but enough to be annoying. The funky cycles also happened after our other miscarriage. So we just waited, and it was almost six months later before I finally started seeing some regularity. We decided that it was time to stop preventing things. Our plan has always been that we don't 'try' to have a baby, but we also don't prevent things. We will always be very happy with however many babies God wants to bless us with. The only reason we decided to hold off on things this time was because we felt the risk of another miscarriage was otherwise fairly high.

Surprisingly enough for us, we did find we were expecting in the first cycle after getting the green light. We feel super blessed to have another one on the way, but like everyone knows who has experienced a miscarriage, it is so hard to not get panicky with every little bit of spotting. In the middle of my sixth week, I went in to the restroom to find a bright red splotch of blood that was two to three inches in length. I, of course, figured that was probably going to be the start of another loss for us. We are praising God it wasn't and we just try to not worry and trust that whatever happens will be okay. It's hard though!

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I have had a pretty wide range of things from being so tired I nod off when Jeremy's talking to me, although I have assured him it's nothing to do with him. I have also had some nausea, which for me it has been fairly mild. There have been a few days here and there where I have had an unsettled tummy, but nothing too crazy yet. Hopefully, it will stay that way. I have experienced the menstrual-like cramping, which when combined with the little bit of spotting, is not overly reassuring. Overall though, things seem to be going really good.


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