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Week 8
~ Where, Oh Where to Give Birth?

When Levi was born, we had a not-so-pleasant experience in the hospital that was supposed to still be the birthing center we were used to, just moved inside the hospital. It was not. I'm sure if you want to know all the details from all of the birthing center/hospital shenanigans, it could be found in Levi's birth story. To make a very long story short, after Levi was born they did want to do some blood work on him since I was Group-B Strep positive. We felt that the blood test was a good idea, and we waited several hours to retest to check progress, and it all came back good and Levi was doing very well. We decided we didn't want to stay the recommended 24 hours, and left after about 18 hours to go home. We were used to leaving in the 6-8 hours after birth from the birthing center, so this was a bit different. They made us sign some papers saying we were leaving against medical advice which we were okay with. However, they also said as a result they had to turn our name over to Child Protective Services, which was not cool. We left feeling very violated when it was supposed to be one of the happiest times of our lives. So this option for this new little one was obviously out.

After we found out we were expecting in March, we had already done quite a bit of research to see what kind of options were available to us. Ideally, we find the home-birth option with a midwife very attractive, however we do still live with my in-laws at this particular juncture. Since I do not exactly find it a 'safe' place to give birth, if you know what I mean, that option is also out.

We did, however, find a birthing center that is not too far away in a nearby city, about a 45-minute drive. Which for us, living out in the sticks where we do, that is not too bad. I found on their website that there are no OB/GYNs, but instead it is a group of midwives. Bonus! They said they would do a complimentary consultation so we could get a tour of their facilities and also ask any questions we might have. So, we did just that. I assumed we would be meeting with one of their office personnel to show us around, but it was one of the midwives. Double bonus! So she took us around and the place was so nice and luxurious looking, and she was very pleasant and easy to talk to as well. We did have a few questions for them, and overall we are very happy to try it. Now I just need to make our first appointment which they do in the 10-12 week range. And they have a straight-up overall cost of everything that includes the prenatal care, birth, postnatal care, and some other nice things, all being less than the cost of what we paid for the birthing center combined with my OB/GYN. So we are encouraged by that too.

I have been feeling pretty good this week. I have been having some bouts of nausea, but I'm surprised at just how good I still feel. Usually by six weeks I am really not feeling so well and feel yucky all of the time until about the 12-16 week range. So to just be occasionally ill, is exciting. I did learn recently from a couple of different places about using magnesium oil to help with morning/all-day sickness. Both places had pretty good reviews for the product, so I decided to order some. It just recently got here, so I will be trying it to see just how it works for me. I know they say the best way is to be taking it before you are even expecting, but that it will still be helpful to use regardless. I would love to see good results on this. I really hate being nauseous and find it to be very debilitating, particularly with four little ones running around. So here's to no nausea!


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