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Week 9
~ Too Crazy Cold

In case I have never mentioned it, I hate winter. I really do not love being cold all of the time and this winter seems to already be no different. We have been experiencing some pretty cold temperatures here this past week. We had quite a few days that were around zero to five degrees at night with a high around ten degrees. It did drop into the negatives a couple of times, but thankfully did not stay there long. I am sure people in North Dakota think this is a heat wave, and I am also sure I would never be able to live in a place like that. I would die. I even used to work as an electrician for five years out in the elements, and I hated it then too, but I still think I tolerated the cold a lot better. Maybe it was because I had more meat on my bones, er uh fat, that kept me warmer. You would think with the amazing amount of weight I gain each pregnancy, that would play a role in things. Nope. I would like to do a lot more walking too, but not in those temperatures.

This past week has brought with it some serious nausea. There were five to six days where it was more than just feeling yucky. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time, except while I was sleeping. I never did, but sometimes I wondered if I would have felt better if I would have and just gotten it over with. At the end of this time, I made a pretty amazing discovery. Probably you are all already aware of it, but just in case there is someone out there who isn't, I figure I should bring it up. So on to the lovely topic of constipation. I'm afraid it comes with the package.

With each pregnancy, I have found that when I start increasing my food intake due to low blood sugar, nausea, or just feeling more hungry overall, my body has a hard time adjusting. It is not that things don't move through me at all, just at a much slower rate, which is not good. So after a few days of this combined with the extreme nausea, I remembered we have a fiber product called psyllium seed husks. We had it because we had heard it was a good colon cleanser. The husks are the only thing that is in it, and so there are no other additives, it is just really good for you. I have been mixing it into a small glass of juice and it is not too bad. The texture is a little coarse, since it is not a powder, but it is okay to get down. After taking some twice a day, for about a day or two, it's been amazing how much better I feel. It's like magic really. The nausea is much more manageable and almost completely gone. Yay! So there you go. A little lengthy, but I really hope someone gets something out of this. I had no idea the two were so closely related and realize it's not going to relieve nausea for everyone, but I figure it is totally worth the try.

I have my first appointment now scheduled for the end of my tenth week to get to hear that sweet little heartbeat. I am always very anxious to hear it with each pregnancy, but I will admit a little more so after losing our last baby. I am sure it will be a little bit of a bitter sweet moment. The thoughts of what should have been, but excited to meet this little one also. Our baby was due on Thanksgiving, so Jeremy and I had our time of remembering and crying, but we know that God has a plan, regardless of whether or not we understand it all. So we are anxious for this next Wednesday to hear that precious sound and also for us to start seeing what the new birthing center will be like.


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