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Empi's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Empi's pregnancy journal.

Empi (30) and her husband, Mikael (32), were expecting their first baby on January 6, 2006. Mikael's job is currently in China although Empi will be splitting her time between Beijing and Connecticut. Empi went into labor a bit early and had a healthy baby girl, Anna Gabriela, on December 28, 2005.

Empi's Journal Entries


Meet Empi

Highlights Through Week 17

Week 18
Mickey Mouse Club Maternity Wear

Week 19
Making the Bootie Call

Week 20
The magic of ultrasound

Week 21
Thumpety thump in the Åland Islands

Week 22
Stockholm Bebis

Week 23

Week 24
I Love Apple, and The Tao of Travel (Beijing-JFK, 13 ½ hours)

Week 25
Domra Serenade

Week 26
Into a Volcano, and Paradise Found (Palawan, Philippines)

Week 27
Honeymoonerbirds and Dinner with the Chief


Week 28
Clock strikes "third trimester" & I turn into a pumpkin

Week 29
On the road (plane) again

Week 30
The Halloween Episode

Week 31
Virtuoso Shredding in Washington DC

Week 32
Feed me, Seymour

Week 33
Swim Team

Week 34
Nesting Under Duress

Week 35
Language Lessons

Week 36
Looking for the Christmas Spirit

Week 37
Merry Christmas!

Birth Story
38 weeks 5 days

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