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Week 32
~ Feed me, Seymour

To my huge relief, I've finally figured out how NOT to get hit with horrible nasty indigestion and heartburn after every meal: it's not a static formula per se, but combinations of the following seem to work 98% of the time: Tums, milk, not slouching while eating, chewing gum, going for a walk after eating (while chewing gum, if you're up for a challenge), and sleeping with lots of pillows. So I feel a bit as though I've been unleashed, and have been schnarfing down everything edible in sight.

One "Elvis" roast beef wrap, iced tea, and mini chocolate bundt cake a la mode at the cafe at the Corcoran Gallery in DC, which is unfortunately called the "Cafe des Artistes." I can't really put my finger on why the name bugs me so much, but on the plus side, their food is good, and the plus-plus side is that their desserts are REALLY good. I put an hour and 45 minutes of quarters in my meter when I parked, and I'm embarrassed to say I spent an hour and 20 minutes of that in the café. My waiter stopped by to take a guess at my due date. He was way off (he guessed February 26), but I learned something new from him - January 6, my actual due date, is the festival of lights in Greece, and the provenance of the name Fotini, which was the name of the waiter's mother. He couldn't link it all together because he didn't know if Jan 6th was his mother's birthday (who doesn't know their own mother's birthday?) but, still, good to know.

Shrimp pad thai, whole fish with chilis and basil at Thai restaurant with high school friend Lala, who until a few months ago was owner of the most exotic address in my filofax, ending in "Kathmandu, Nepal." Now of the more mundane but still pretty cool "Washington, DC," especially since she has a huge apartment near the cathedral.

Cantonese dim sum, palabok (Filipino noodles with yummy yummy sauce), Maryland crab cakes, tempura shrimp, an arugula salad that knocked my socks off, that's just a smattering of this week's meals. All on top of my mom's cooking, including about 95% of an entire batch of apple bread (4 loaves) that I picked at all week long.

Sure, lots of things happened this week: I finally got my butt in gear and made my way back to Connecticut; freaked out and fled a maternity store when the nursing bra that fit me turned out to be a double D; was a stop for my friend Tracy's "Amazing Race" birthday scavenger hunt around NYC (while enjoying some really good raspberry rugelach at the Union Square Virgin Megastore); almost got into a fight with a mean dude on the train, then spent the next 3 days thinking of witty, scathing comebacks; wrestled all my shopping into two suitcases; and had my Beijing flight delayed by almost 3 hours and had a manicure while I waited. But this week was all about food for me, and just thought I'd share the love. Apropos, I suppose, since I'm a bit behind, and this'll be posted around turkey day. So Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S., enjoy the turkey and forget about counting calories for a few days!

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