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Week 39/40
~ Birth Story!

Luke Allen has arrived! He was born on October 20th at 8:42AM. He weighed in at 8 pounds even and 20 inches long. Very fine, thinly spread red hair covers his cute little head. Luke is a healthy, hearty baby.

Baby Luke

Labor and Delivery

I personally think I had one of the best labor and deliveries ever. I called my doctor on Monday, October 18th and asked if I could setup an appointment to be induced. I was ready to be done with the pregnancy. To my delighted surprise she was able to setup an appointment for me on Tuesday night at midnight.

My appointment felt like some clandestine meeting, I couldn't wait. But I was really nervous more than anything. Joel and I brought Ben over to Jer's house around 8pm so we could put him to bed and then head to the hospital around 11:30PM.

When we got to the hospital, we spent the first hour with the staff checking my current state and progress. I was 4cm dilated and 70% effaced when I got there. At 1AM they gave me a drop of pitocin in my IV and right away I began to feel mild contractions. At 2AM I was 5cm dilated and the nurse increased my dosage of pitocin. Steadily as the hours went by the contractions got stronger and stronger. Joel slept in the chair next to my bed. At around 6:30AM I got up to use the bathroom and my water broke. The nurse said I could get an epidural at any time. I jumped at the epidural offering since the contractions were starting to get painful.

baby LukeThe epidural was amazing. It masked all the pain but it did make me feel tingly and itchy. The nurse would drop in and say, wow what a contraction you're having now and wanted to know if I felt it. Nope.

Around 7AM the nurse checked my cervix again and I was 6cm dilated. At 7:30AM I called the nurse in because I was feeling pelvic pressure, that overwhelming need to push. She checked my cervix again and I was 9cm dilated.

The nurse called my doctor and we waited until she got there at 8:30 AM before I started pushing. It was hard to hold back for an hour especially when the contractions were only three minutes apart.

Once the doctor arrived, I pushed with three contractions and baby Luke was out in less than 10 minutes. And I had no tearing, therefore no stitches were needed. Yeah!

The big surprises were that Luke was 8 pounds and that he had a little bit of hair.

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