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Entry 1
~ The Conception Rollercoaster

My husband and I have always wanted two children and after having Benjamin we waited a couple of years and began trying. It was disappointing to discover after a year of trying to conceive we still hadn't accomplished our goal, not even a late period. Benjamin took about six months to conceive so I wasn't expecting immediate results, but a year seemed really long.

As a next step, I decided I needed to get in better shape and then perhaps conception would follow quickly. I joined a non-competitive indoor soccer league (they really were competitive) and played soccer once a week. I was getting into great shape when I severed my ACL ligament in my right knee. We had to put off baby making for a while so I could focus on the surgery and therapy afterward. I now think walking is the perfect form of exercise for me.

Shortly after my recovery my husband and I decided to try fertility treatment to improve our chances of conception. A year with the fertility experts, Clomid, and the Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) procedure four times and four miscarriages, we called it quits. The fertility treatments stressed me out and I decided I was happy as could be with my husband and Benjamin and wanted to enjoy them to the fullest. We stopped the fertility treatments and I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I eventually landed a great job in Seattle and we moved in late 2008. We bought a house, picked a pre-school for my son, and I settled into my new job. Joel got a few extra months off before he started working in Seattle. Lucky guy!

On November 28th 2009, the anniversary of my youngest sister's death, I started taking a baby asprin every day. My sister Kathy passed away when she was 25 years old from a blood clot to her brain caused by the birth control patch. My mom and dad both have issues too with blood clots as they got older and so on the 28th of November I started taking a baby asprin as a preventative measure. Note: Please seek medical advice before taking over the counter products on a regular basis.

Since Joel and I weren't trying to get pregnant I wasn't keeping track of when my period starts and stops. In February I felt I was overdue for a period and my breasts were really sore. I dug through my bathroom drawers and located the last pregnancy test in the box of two. I ripped it open, took the test and voila! I was pregnant! At this point I wasn't about to get excited. I had had too many disappointments due to miscarriages early on (in the 5-6 weeks range) that I didn't want to get my hopes up. But my symptoms continued and a few more developed, mainly nausea, sore breasts and I was extremely tired. We decided not to tell anyone about this pregnancy yet, not even close family members.

I visited my family practice doctor the week after and she confirmed that I was pregnant as well. Things were looking positive but I didn't dare get my hopes up yet. She recommended a great Ob/Gyn in the area which I was extremely grateful for. My family practice doctor was performing my pap-smears up until then so I didn't have a need for an Ob/Gyn and I had no idea who to go to as I was fairly new to the Seattle area. I still kept my mouth shut and didn't breath a word of this pregnancy to anyone but Joel.

My Ob/Gyn visit was great! I was extremely nervous. I thought my pregnancy symptoms were waning a bit but it could have been my imagination. The doctor performed an ultrasound and low and behold there was a baby in there and there was a super strong heartbeat too! My doctor said the chances of miscarriage once a strong heartbeat is detected is only 3%. The hope meter began to creep up the scale inside me. However I was only 8 weeks pregnant and still had a month to go in the first trimester so I held on tight to that blossoming hope but a large share of anxiety still remained. I told my doctor I wanted to stay on the baby asprin and that I thought it aided in my conception. She agreed to allow me to stay on the baby asprin until the end of the second trimester, especially considering my family history with blood clots.

After I left my Ob/Gyn appointment I couldn't hold in the secret any longer. I started making phone calls as fast as my fingers could make that touch screen phone work. By evening, parents and siblings all had the inside scoop. I was hopeful for the first time in years that Joel and I had created a life that could mature into our second child.


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