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Week 18
~ The Amniocentesis Results

Last week was my Amniocentesis procedure. I was pretty good about not freaking out until an hour before the procedure. Once I got into the hospital room, Joel plastered to the corner of the room, we waited nervously for the procedure to start. The ultrasound technician came in and spent nearly 45 minutes just checking the baby and taking measurements. The ultrasound made it pretty obvious we were having another boy! Yeah! My son and I had a bet going on whether it would be a boy or a girl. Ben said, "Mom, it has to be a girl because you already have a boy. Why would you need another one?" I love child logic. smile He said if it's a girl then I have to give him one of my trophies and if it was a boy then he'd give me one of his trophies.

Once the ultrasound was completed, or at least the first part, the doctor was paged and we waited again for the actual procedure with the big needle to start. The doctors entered the room, my doctor and a radiologist who would monitor the baby on the ultrasound to ensure the needle wasn't close to the baby. They applied the betadine to my pelvic area and the doctor said "here we go." She punched the needle through fat and muscle (at least I hoped I still had some down there) and I felt a pinch and some slight cramping but she kept reassuring me that everything was going well. She filled up a vile with amnio fluid and held it up saying it looked really good and clear and not to worry because the placenta will produce replacement fluid in the next hour or two. It was over really quickly and the technician was back to ensure the baby was good by completing another 10 minute ultrasound. Phew. I made it through and I told myself the only other thing I had to worry about now was labor.

By the time I left the hospital room my legs were like jello and I felt shaky. I was super glad Joel was with me to drive me home and I was glad I took the entire day off from work. My doctor recommended I go home and just rest the remainder of the day. So I did and caught up on a good period mini-series called Cranford that I'd been meaning to watch.

This week my doctor called me to say the results are in. I held my breath as she relayed the news. 100% confirmation it's a boy and 100% confirmation that there are no chromosome disorders. Yeah! Yeah! I was so excited I called my husband right away and all my family and I started telling friends at work that I'm pregnant. No one really suspected yet as I'm not showing much yet. We are so thankful to be blessed with a healthy baby boy at this point. I know there are plenty of things to be concerned about during pregnancy but I'm determined at this point to enjoy the rest of mine.

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