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Week 19
~ Heearrtbuurrrn!

Heearrtbuurrrn! It seems like an hour after each meal, heartburn kicks in. I've found that chewing gum, drinking milk or taking an antacid helps. Of course, I am always craving spicy foods which feed this symptom like twigs added to a fire. I can't seem to get enough Thai food these days - Typhoon's spring curry dish or the basil lovers dish are wonderful. The hostess behind the counter knows me by name now. smile

Other than the heartburn I've got the normal round ligament pain in my pelvic area as my uterus and the baby grow and stretch my tummy to amazing limits. My father told me to watch out for stretch marks. I said "Ha! Too late." I honestly believe the only way you can avoid stretch marks is if you are genetically inclined to have more elastic skin. I've tried all those lotions and things during my first pregnancy and I still got those ugly little lines on the sides of my stomach. If someone knows a secret here, please share but I'm not inclined to run for the Miss America pageant anytime in the foreseeable future so I think I can live quite happily with my pregnancy battle scars. wink

It's great to be in the second trimester and have all my energy back. I find myself planning things and looking forward again rather than counting down to the end of the first trimester. I am greatly relieved that the amnio went well and the baby is nice and healthy so far. Knock on wood. I have felt the flutters in my belly when the baby moves. It's such a cool feeling. I tell my six year old son that his brother is kicking me again and he starts giggling. Ben is super excited about the baby. He can't wait to teach him how to crawl, walk, ride a bike, and go potty standing up (Ben has the funniest 6 step process he wants to explain to his brother around toilet etiquette). If Ben teaches it then maybe it'll sink in for him like a routine. wink Of course I've warned Ben that the baby won't be too fun the first few months as they sleep and cry a lot and don't start smiling until their second month.

Next month is Ben's seventh birthday! It's going to be a Star Wars theme, of course. We'll have it at our house and he's narrowed the list of friends down to 10 kids. I've reserved a jumpy castle for the backyard and the kids can play on the trampoline, tether-ball, and the play-set too. They should be nice and worn out after a couple of hours of that. smile With school ending in less than two weeks, I've got to get all the invitations out by the last day or it'll be harder to find all the kids over the summer. It should be a fun time. Ben is so excited already.

Joel and I have barely had a chance to talk about baby names so the most recent suggestion has come from Ben: Luke Solo Hunter (A combination of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo).

Til next week!
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