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Week 20
~ Halfway There!

Wow! 20 weeks and halfway there! Time is flying by during this second trimester (aka the last month). smile When I'm at work sitting at my desk I almost forget I'm pregnant until I get up too fast and find myself rubbing my belly because of a sharp twinge. I gotta remember to get up slowly and carefully to avoid those pains, almost as bad as stubbing my toe.

I've got one piece of advice for anyone reading this journal, avoid refinancing a property while you're pregnant. I find myself in this situation, once again, and the stress of refinancing is impacting my ability to be rational. I've always considered myself a person with few mood swings. I get angry in short bursts and then let it go quickly, but not this time. Being pregnant is making me irrationally angry at times with the whole refinance process and how tough the new policies are within the banking industry. I was mad for two days straight at the beginning of this week and I kept trying to talk myself out of it. I could even think of 10 really positive things in my life and just a few little annoyances. I logically knew that my anger was irrational and yet I could not seem to help it. So my advice is that refinancing and pregnancy don't mix. Be careful out there. wink

So belly twinges, heartburn and the need for an attitude adjustment at times are my only big symptoms this week. Oh and lots of baby movement. I am constantly feeling this little guy now. It's so darn cool!

I scheduled my 20 week check up for early next week so I'll report out on that visit in the next journal entry. And next week is Ben's Kindergarten graduation. I am so proud of him. He told me this morning that he will be a true jedi master once he starts first grade. smile

Til next week!
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