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Week 21
~ Brain Farts

I had my 20 week doctor visit earlier this week. It went smooth as can be and I've only gained 6 pounds so far! Sweet! I've had some food cravings, Thai food, but I haven't had any real increase in appetite yet. I have enough reserves on me that the baby should be fine.

My newest symptom is brain farts. I went to my doctor appointment with a mental list in my head of questions and only asked about half and forgot the most important one. I plan to do a bunch of travel at the end of July, including a high altitude trip and I'm a bit concerned about the toll it'll take on me and the baby. I've read a bunch online about traveling in the second trimester and there are things I can do like wear compression stockings on the long flights and drink lots of water. But I wanted to get my doctor's opinion and any and all thoughts of travel just vanished. I need to start writing down a list and carrying that as I clearly can't seem to recall all the personal tasks I have outside of work. This is probably some pregnancy safety mechanism to force pregnant women to take it easy. Yeah, like that's gonna happen between family, work and everything else planned for this summer. I think I need to do some acupuncture. It worked great during my first pregnancy.

Latest baby name thoughts, mainly struggling with the middle name:

Luke James Hunter
Luke Alexander Hunter
Luke Ian Hunter
Luke Tristan Hunter
Luke Andrew Hunter

All the fathers' names on both sides of the family have been used and even some of the grandfathers. So we are able to choose any middle name we like, although it's a daunting process.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I'm happy to report that I got Ben's birthday party plans mostly in order. Invitations have gone out, the jumpy castle has been reserved, the party supplies purchased. I just need to determine if I should plan some games or not. Oh and the inflatable light-sabers are out of stock so I keep checking online everyday so I can place the order. I hope they have them in time for the party (July 17th).

Thank goodness this busy summer is happening during my second trimester.

Next week I'll report on my ultrasound visit, the 4th one this pregnancy. Til next week!
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