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Week 22
~ A Shocking Discovery

I had my ultrasound this week and it went great! Little Luke "Skywalker" was as active as possible in such a confined space. The technician had a difficult time keeping up with him. I hope that's not a sign of what's to come. I feel tired just thinking about that. smile The technician said the baby looked great with 10 fingers and 10 toes and lots of energy. Also she thought my due date should be October 23rd rather than Halloween. Hey, sooner works for me. smile

The big shock for the week was that I'm actually behind the eight ball on getting on a wait-list for daycare once little Luke "Skywalker" arrives or specifically when he is four months old. I couldn't believe it when I had lunch with a friend of mine on Monday and she said I should start looking now that I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. So I called a place nearby and they said the soonest they could accommodate another infant is March 2011. Another place was booked solid through 2011. Yikes.

So next week I'm touring daycares and plan to pick the best one. The second shock was the cost. Holy moly! I am wondering if I should get a nanny so they can watch Ben after school as well. We'll see. During the school year Ben goes to YMCA after school and he loves it because he gets to play with a bunch of other kids. If he were to come home on the bus everyday he'd get bored. There are no kids even near his age on our street. So I'll be considering all the angles over the next week and make my decision. Joel says whatever I want he wants. So I'll let you know.

Symptoms this week: the heartburn continues but I've limited my spicy food intake which has helped immensely, brain farts continue but I'm writing notes to myself constantly, and a couple of positive symptoms: my skin looks and feels great and my belly finally popped out enough that people are congratulating me and not just thinking I'm getting really fat all of a sudden. smile

Til next week when I can report on the Jedi Training Camp that Ben will be attending for the week. May the force be with you!

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