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Week 23
~ Under the Weather

Boy am I glad my pregnancy is going really good so far. I would be even worse off now than I am. Literally I've been sick for eight days straight now and it's not letting up. frown It's a sore throat, chronic cough, and feeling weak. No matter how much rest, tea with honey, water, chicken soup I get, I wake up each day feeling about the same. Sigh. I wonder if my body is just working overtime to move the pregnancy along as well as fight this cold. If I'm not feeling on the mend by Monday I'm going to the doctor to get checked out. At least I'm glad I'm sick now and not at the end of this month when I'm traveling across the US to Florida and then Colorado.

This has been an exciting week for Ben. He attended his Jedi Training camp. The kids got to make light-sabers and wear the brown Jedi robes, learn Jedi sword moves, re-enact parts of the movies and do some pod-racing. His graduation ceremony is this afternoon where all the kids will get medals and become Jedi Masters. Too cool!

I've decided to have a baby shower on September 12th. My friend Laura is planning it for me. It'll be a small affair since I don't have many friends in the Seattle area yet but that's ok. I'm looking forward to a fun but mellow party. smile

Lots of baby movement this past week. I think I've noticed it more since I'm resting so much. I took Ben to swim lessons last Saturday and it was so hot and humid in the pool area that my hands and feet started to swell. I am thankful to be pregnant in the NorthWest where it might hit 70 degrees on Monday July 5th. smile

I've chosen a daycare for little Luke Skywalker near my house. I think it will work out well, and they have an opening in their infant room next March which is exactly what I need.

Joel wants to consider a good list of baby names now. We managed to sit down and go through a list of 50, only 500 or so more names to review at this point. wink Here are the names that made our initial list:


Til next week when I hit the 6 month marker. Happy Independence Day!

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