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Week 24
~ The Garlic Challenge

The baby survived the garlic challenge over the weekend! Let me back up, I have been sick for over two weeks and became desperate over the weekend. I scrambled some eggs and added two cloves of garlic, a natural antibiotic, and mixed them together. I did this Saturday morning and then Sunday morning. Then I decided, after the fact, to read up online about garlic and pregnancy. I wouldn't say I found a hard core conclusive answer but there were several articles online stating that large quantities of garlic should be avoided while pregnant as it could cause bleeding, premature labor, etc... I began to stress out on Sunday and just chugged a lot of water and hoped that baby skywalker would be fine. Now watch, he'll grow up hating garlic and never know that it was from an overdose while in the womb.

This week I'm feeling really pregnant. The number of strange little aches and pains has increased quite a bit. I notice that if I get up too fast my right buttock hurts really bad for a couple of minutes. My right ribs hurt when I sleep on my left side. Heartburn continues to rage and I have to eat like 10 times a day because I run out of room in my stomach after a few bites of food. Also I think the sudden temperature spike in the northwest this week has a negative effect on us pregnant women. Ok, I'm done ranting and ready to talk about the non-pregnancy stuff.

Ben had a great time at his Jedi Training camp last week. He even had a Jedi Ceremony on the last day and got a medal. Pretty cool. Next week is his Return of the Jedi Camp which should be just as fun. We'll see what happens. This week at the YMCA he got to go on 3 field trips, the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, the beach, and then a park today with water sports. I wish I was having as much fun as him this summer.

We had a great 4th of July this year. Joel, Ben and I went to Circus deSoliel which was awesome. Ben was enthralled the whole time. Since it rained on the evening of the 4th we had to wait until the rain stopped and then lit some home fireworks in our cul-de-sac. I bought the mostly kid safe firecrackers such as sparklers, snakes, butterflies, and screamers. The sparklers were the hit with Ben because he got to hold them. The first time he tossed the sparkler to the ground, surprised by all the sparks and then he got really into it. And like a good pregnant woman, I stayed far away from the fireworks smoke and action and watched from the top of the driveway.

I have my doctor visit at the beginning of next week and I will not forget to ask the doctor about my travel plans at the end of the month. I ordered some pregnancy compression hoses so I can wear them while I travel. They are supposed to help prevent moderate swelling in the ankles and feet. I will drink tons of water while I travel as well so hopefully I'll be fine and the airlines won't have to cut me out of the seat due to swelling and water retention.

Til next week!
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