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Week 26
~ A Very Merry Jedi Party

partyI can't believe I'm still sick. It's been a month. I took the antibiotics and either they didn't work or I don't have a bacterial infection. Ah well. I'm calling the doctor again on Monday if I am not my old self by then. It's been a crazy week though and I haven't been resting like I probably should to conquer this cold. We had relatives in town which was great. Ben was super excited to have his uncle and cousins visit with us. And there was the big 7 year old birthday party over the weekend. That was a blast. The kids were great and loved the jumpy castle and the pinata. Ben got a bunch of great presents and three hours of fun! I don't think I moved off the couch for at least two hours after the party ended.

partyThe pregnancy is going great! I feel good except for this cough and the baby is kicking up a storm. Next week it's flying time. I'm traveling on Wednesday to Florida and then Saturday to Colorado and then back to Seattle. I've worked things out with my boss to allow me to work from home the day after I get back since I'm not sure how this travel will effect me. I'll be flying back at the start of my third trimester. The only other trips I have planned before baby skywalker arrives are a 3 hour car drive down to the Oregon coast for a wedding mid August and then a camping trip to Lake Wenachi at the end of August. We'll see if we stay more than one night. I toss and turn so much as it is nowadays that I doubt a blowup mattress could be less comfortable in this state. We'll see.

partyMonday is the glucose challenge test to check for gestational diabetes. I have to drink the syrupy orange soda and then race to the bloodwork lab within an hour for the test. Ben is not in any camps on Monday and Tuesday so I'm working from home, packing for our trips and playing light sabers and Xbox with a big 7 year old those two days. I promise to write about how those pregnancy compression stockings do on all those flights next week.


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