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Week 27
~ Emotionally Charged

It's been an emotionally charged week. What started out as a week of excitement due to long planned vacations turned to a time of grieving due to the loss of my father-in-law, Loran Allen Hunter. Loran passed away on Tuesday July 27th from a heart attack, one day before Joel and Ben were to visit him on vacation. I loved Loran so much and he will be missed. Folks can visit his website here:

We are still in Colorado preparing for the funeral services on Tuesday August 3rd. The pregnancy is going really well through these tumultuous times. Last week I took the glucose tolerance test on Monday. I chugged that syruppy sweet drink and then raced down to the blood lab within the hour. While I was waiting to be called for the blood draw I started to feel really nauseous, broke out into a sweat and nearly vomited on the floor of the waiting room. I don't recall having that kind of a reaction with my first pregnancy. The good news is I made it through the blood draw without puking and the results showed that I do NOT have gestational diabetes. However I have low iron count and need to take a 25 mg daily supplement now. Of course, since I'm in Colorado, the beef state, I think I'll start ordering steak each night while I'm here.

Last time I wrote I was concerned about all the flying this week. On Wednesday I flew from Seattle to Orlando on a non-stop flight. I put on those compression stockings, got on the plane and drank tons of water. I used the bathroom at least four times and before I knew it the flight landed and I was doing great, no swelling. My stay in Orlando was incredibly good. The conference I attended was amazing and inspired me. The flight to Colorado was also really good. However since I've been in Colorado for 3 days I have had a bit of swelling in my hands and feet each day. I'm trying to drink lots of water and put my feet up whenever I can. At least my energy level is still good and my cough is almost totally gone. Yeah!

I just wish Loran were here to see his newest grand child in October. He enjoyed reading this journal and keeping up on the lastest news. We are thinking the baby will be named Luke Allen Hunter. Luke after Luke Skywalker and Allen was Loran's middle name. And it turns out that the baby's initials would be exactly the same as Loran's (L.A.H.).


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