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Week 28
~ Travel Ease

Erika at 28 weeksTraveling was a breeze. I was so worried about a three flight trip but they were all completely uneventful which is great. We got in last night from Colorado. It's good to be home but we sure do miss our family back in Colorado.

The funeral service for Loran was lovely. After the services we all got in our cars and followed the hearse to the cemetery, escorted by motorcycle cops. The ride to the cemetery was nice and the motorcycle cops made it feel special as they stopped traffic to keep the procession going. The cemetery is beautiful and the honor guard was there to play Taps and fold the American flag and give it to Joel's mother, Jan. Joel and Jan visited Loran's grave site the next day and it's right across from a baseball field. Loran would have loved that as no one is a bigger baseball fan than he was. He could quote scores, statistics, you name it.

BenI think the baby might be in a breech position right now. I feel like he is kicking my cervix instead of my ribs. I'm feeling lots of baby movement but neither Ben nor Joel have been able to feel the baby move yet, hopefully in the upcoming weeks. I am definitely feeling the need to urinate more frequently and the heartburn rages on. Other than that, the pregnancy is going great so far. I stopped taking the daily baby aspirin as my doctor said to do in the third trimester.

Now that we are back at home we need to get into a routine again. Ben starts back at YMCA camp next week and for the rest of August until school starts September 1st. This weekend is a family reunion and it turns out it's in the next city over. I didn't even realize we had relatives living so close to us, my grandmother's brother's family. It should be a good weekend since we'll have cousins from Oregon driving up to stay with us.

Ben graciously took another side profile picture of me and this time he wanted his own side profile taken too. So I've included both.


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