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Week 29
~ Nap Time!

You're getting sleepy, so sleepy says the psychiatrist with the swinging gold watch. Well I don't need any help on that front as I am ready for a nap every day after work. I turn on the TV for Ben and catch 30 minutes to an hour of sleep on the couch. I wasn't sure how quickly the fatigue would set in within the third trimester but it seems to be right away.

The nesting is finally kicking in too. I cleaned out my office yesterday which will double as the baby room. After having Ben I now realize a baby does not really need a whole room to himself, just the basics. I'll be putting the crib together next week and I've got the baby dresser moved into the closet now. That should be enough for the baby room.

I also had a little panic attack earlier this week and bought the pack n' play (for the bassinet) and the infant car seat so in case I'm early I won't be scrambling at the last minute to have those items ready to go. We can't even leave the hospital without the car seat in place. I keep having these little moments of complete shock where I think, oh my gosh I'm actually pregnant and going to have a baby really soon. Holy cow! It seems more surreal than anything else and I can't seem to get super excited but I know this is what I want and I'm happy baby Skywalker will be joining us soon.

This weekend we are driving down to Astoria, Oregon for a friend of the family's wedding on the beach. That should be nice. We've never visited the Oregon coast since we moved to the Seattle area. It will be an adventure and a good distraction for us.

Monday is my 28-30 week doctor visit. I couldn't schedule it earlier due to my vacation and then my doctor's vacation. I really don't have a list of things for my doctor next week. I've got the typical symptoms of: fatigue, heartburn, mild constipation at times, mild swelling in my hands and feet if I'm overheated. Knock on wood, everything is going pretty well through this pregnancy. I was having pain in my right ribs but after I switched over to nursing bras a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had a problem. I think the regular bras were too constricting for me.

I'll report out next week on my doctor visit and our beach weekend getaway.


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