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Week 31
~ No Tent?

tentsWell, I guess I can play the pregnancy card to explain all the things I forgot to bring on our camping trip including the darn tent!

We raced to get down to the camp ground on Friday night so we would have plenty of daylight to get the tent setup and everything organized. As we pulled out the tent box, we quickly realized we had the poles and the tarps but not the tent. I believe we paced around the camp site in a state of shock trying to determine our options such as drive home, two and a half hours, and come back in the morning, or sleep in the car for the night, or race to the nearest town and hope we can buy a tent at 8PM on a Friday night. Of course we chose option 3 and headed to Leavenworth, a cute little Bavarian town in the mountains. We located a sports store called Der Sportsmann and got two two man tents right as they were about to lock their doors for the night. Phew!

Here is a picture of our new tents. Ben and I slept in one tent and Joel in the other. Ben had a great time on the camping trip. There were three other kids his age in our camping group which made it really fun. We had a communal dinner on Saturday night where everyone brought something. Since I can't cook worth anything we brought all the ingredients for smores and then the three of us ate hotdogs (with no condiments since I forgot them) and enjoyed great side dishes from the other campers.

At the beachI doubt Joel will ever let me forget how unprepared we were for car camping. Good thing we weren't hiking in somewhere or we'd have been in real trouble. My pregnancy didn't cause any additional problems on the trip thank goodness. I kicked back by the campfire a bunch of the time and relaxed. My comfort level sleeping on a blow up mattress pretty much matched my home bed experience. Although it's easier to get up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night at home.

This week I'm feeling really, really big! I don't have any new pregnancy symptoms other than feeling like a beached whale. I'm getting really good at grunting.

BenWork has been hectic. I've stepped into a big project that is just getting going so there is a lot of planing, requirements sessions, and pitching to get this project moving so I've been super busy. I keep reminding my manager I have maybe nine weeks or less of work left so I should be winding down not up on big projects. Ah well, hopefully things will calm down by the end of September so I can work from home a bunch in October when I'm too big to fit in my office chair.

Last week I promised to include pictures from Astoria, OR so here they are: one of Ben and Joel at the beach and the other of Ben and his cousin John at the wedding reception, handsome kids.

Next week Ben starts first grade, and we finally get back into a routine. Yeah! I'll let you know how his first week goes with Mrs. Cosme as his teacher.


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