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Week 32
~ Burn Belly Burn!

ErikaEight more weeks but whose counting?

I noticed this week that my body is starting to slow me down, and yet I've never been busier. We are in the midst of another refinance for one of our rentals in Colorado, I'm launching a new program at Microsoft right now and Ben started first grade this week! Crazy times. The good news is that Ben loves his new teacher and has a bunch of friends at school. He is super excited about getting homework too. We'll see how long that lasts.

On another exciting note, as soon as this refinance goes through Joel and I are buying a new car. It's been twelve years since we've had a new vehicle so I'm super excited about it. We'll bring baby skywalker into the world in style.

The baby has been kicking almost non-stop for the past week. Each day and night seems like the baby's movements are stronger and stronger. I read that as he gets bigger he'll run out of room and then the somersaults in my belly will stop. I'm gaining about a pound a week now which I definitely feel. I have never been this heavy in my life. I can feel my ligaments burning as my stomach stretches to accommodate the growing baby which is my new symptom this week. And no one questions whether I'm pregnant or just fat now. You can see how obvious the pregnancy is from the picture Ben graciously took of me this evening.

I can't seem to sleep very well in my bed upstairs. I end up moving downstairs in the middle of the night to the couch and sleep there with tons of pillows supporting me at all angles. I sleep in an elevated position which helps keeps the heartburn away and just feels more comfortable. I think Joel is relieved when I go downstairs because he gets better sleep when I'm not tossing and turning all night long.

I placed an order online this morning for some more maternity shirts, a belly band and some nursing bra pads. I don't remember leaking when I was pregnant with Ben but I figure I should have them on hand just in case. I want to try out the belly band to see if it provides better support for outrageously big bellies or not and the extra shirts are just because.

This Labor Day weekend Ben is in a soccer tournament Saturday and Sunday and of course there is no sleeping in as his first game each day is at 8:30AM. Ah well, it should be fun. Ben is on the Fire Dragons team with a Red soccer jersey and he gets to play 6 games this weekend.

The next interesting pregnancy dates are September 14th I go for my 34-35 week doctor visit and September 19th is my baby shower.

Til next week, have a great Labor Day weekend!

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