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Week 33
~ It's Getting Crowded in There!

Well I've really enjoyed my pregnancy up until now. It's been such an easy pregnancy overall which is great. However baby Skywalker is crowding my stomach, beating up my ribs and squishing a bunch of organs. I think that burning sensation that comes and goes beneath my right breast is a nerve being pressed on at times.

The baby has been super active which is a good sign. I have good nights of sleep and not so good ones. I wake up at least twice a night to use the bathroom, the heartburn is incredible. I have to sleep propped up or the heartburn will get me. I'm just not sure how the baby can grow another few pounds when there doesn't seem to be any room left in there.

I ran into a friend at curiculum night at Ben's school and she said her sister is due 1 day before me but her water just broke two days ago. She has probably had the baby by now, 7 weeks early. Yikes! All the books I've been reading say that babies born by this week have an excellent chance of survival. But still the whole conversation hit a little too close to home and I realized that I could deliver any time now! I'm mostly ready except I refuse to pack a hospital bag just yet. Maybe in another week or two.

Right now I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff done that I know I'll be too zombie-like to handle after the baby arrives. We are refinancing another investment property in Boulder. We close next week, assuming there is still a house there with the fires raging in Boulder right now. I called my insurance company to ensure we are all paid up, just in case. And we want to buy a car next weekend after the refinance goes through. Our cars are twelve and fourteen years old now and with a baby on the way reliability is super important. It would be great to get both of those things out of the way before baby Skywalker joins us.

Ben is loving school and soccer right now. He is very excited that he is a big first grader and is anxiously waiting for all the homework to start coming his way.

Upcoming noteworthy events:
- My baby shower is Sunday September 19th which should be fun. I actually managed to find 10 willing ladies to attend.
- My cousin Anita is coming up from Oregon on the 25th and she is going to cook me a bunch of food and freeze it so I can have gourmet meals once the baby arrives. Yeah!

Only 7 more weeks! Until next week!

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