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Week 34
~ Yoga Rocks!

This week has been so much better than the previous two weeks from a pregnancy comfort level standpoint. That belly burn feeling is gone and I feel so much more comfortable even as I grow larger every day. I think it's the Yoga! I've been doing some stretching and breathing with my pregnancy yoga DVD and it seems to work wonders on my body. Yeah! When I went to my doctor visit this week I really had nothing to complain about other than the typical pregnancy symptoms: heartburn, uncomfortable sleeping, frequent urination. My doctor was quite pleased with my progress. The baby is head down and moving a lot and she thinks he weighs about 5.5 pounds now which is bigger than average for week 34/35. The doctor also did the Strep B culture test and I'll get the results next week as I'm starting weekly doctor visits until delivery. If I test positive for Strep B then I will have to be given antibiotics during labor to prevent the baby from catching it. I was negative with Ben so I'm hopeful this test will be negative too.

I finally located the birthing center at the hospital. It's weird, it's on the 6th floor of this building where most of the levels are just parking. The place looks old and very medicincy, I doubt that is a word. But it looked very hospital like, which it is, and not very friendly. The birthing center in Colorado had a much softer, comfortable appeal to it. Ah well, this center is supposed to be ranked in the top 5% of the country so I guess it'll work. They were too busy to give me an impromptu tour but I scheduled one for Saturday, October 2nd. I'll drag Joel and Ben with me so we all get familiar with the place before I'm racing down there with strong contractions and labored breathing.

I am really bummed today though. We were going to close on another refinance for an investment property in Colorado and the lending company completely ruined it. We used the same company to close on another refinance a month ago and their excuses today for why we couldn't close made absolutely no sense and were non-issues for the previous closing. I don't know what is happening behind the scenes but we've had one hurdle after another trying to get our loan refinanced for this place. We even wire transferred over the closing fees this morning! Now our appraisal is about to expire on Sunday and they'll need another one done, invading the privacy of our tenants once again and costing extra money. Also our lock will expire. I was absolutely furious with the broker today and told him we will not pay for another appraisal and we better get a lock extension at the same rate since the lack of a closing was not our fault at all. Ughhh! Now we've got to wait up to two weeks to close again because of the re-appraisal and I've just started my 35th week. I could deliver early. I really wanted this wrapped up so we didn't have to worry about this anymore. Ok, deep breath.

On a brighter note, this weekend is my baby shower which should be fun. I'm looking forward to hanging out with some friends and having a good time. Joel and I were planning to buy a car this weekend but that won't be able to happen until we close on the loan refinance. We've also got a soccer game to attend for Ben who is on the Fire Dragons team and a birthday party to go to at Arena Sports. It'll be an action packed weekend and hopefully I can calm down from the extreme disappointment I feel at not closing on the loan today.

I told Joel that I'm signing the baby's birth certificate as Luke Allen Hunter unless he comes up with a better name, that I like too, before the baby arrives. At this point we may really disappoint Ben if we don't go with the name Luke. But I think Luke is a great name. Do you think they would allow "Skywalker" in double quotes on the birth certificate? Just teasing.

Until next week!


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