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Week 35
~ Mega Water Retention

I swear each day now is a hit or miss. It seems to depend upon the amount of sleep I have, my water and salt consumption, and who is "trying" to piss me off.

I went to the doctor on Monday and everything looked good. My Group Strep B was negative so nothing to worry about there. My doctor doesn't believe I will go beyond my due date with this baby, especially since Ben came 2-3 weeks early. Each pregnancy is unique but my doctor seemed pretty confident. I like the idea of not going beyond my due date as I am having waves and boughts of discomfort, lack of sleep, heartburn and now swelling. Yesterday and today, which is actually the start of week 36 for me, my ankles are so swollen that you can't tell that I actually have ankles. I believe the term used to describe this is cankles. I've been trying to keep my feet elevated but it's tough when I have to work, take care of the house and my son. So needless to say, the swelling has not gone down yet but I'm drinking tons of water, avoiding salt and canned foods so hopefully I will see some results here soon.

Last weekend was action packed fun! First the Fire Dragons soccer team won their first season game and Ben scored a goal! Yeah! Then there was a 7 year old birthday party at Arena Sports and Ben had fun playing dodgeball with his friends. And finally we went and bought a new car. After 12 years it was time. I got my Acura MDX and I love it! It's Silver and has so many cool bells and whistles to it. I love the hands free voice commands so I can just give the car orders and talk on the phone through the stereo system. Very cool!

On Sunday I had my baby shower which was awesome. Everyone was able to make it and my friend Laura did a fabulous job of playing hostess. The food, cake and conversation were wonderful and we played a couple of baby shower games. Every present was perfect and something I didn't already have which is great! Laura took a bunch of pictures during the shower.

This weekend my cousin Anita is visiting and we are going to cook, cook and cook. I'll just blissfully eat my way through the weekend. Mind as well since I'm gaining a pound a week at this point anyways. I'll have lots of great meals frozen so I can heat healthy food without thinking when the baby arrives. Perfect!

I'll provide the menu with next week's journal entry.

Take care!

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