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Week 36/37
~ Feeling Very Anxious!

I had a great weekend with my cousin and her family! Anita cooked some amazing meals like beef stroganoff (low on salt) and a couple of chickens so we could make all kinds of meals with the meat after baby arrives. It was nice to be pampered with good home cooked meals all weekend and to have such wonderful company to relax with at our house. Ben and his little cousin Ryan played so well together. Ben got to play the older brother role and did it extremely well. I know he'll be great with baby Luke when he arrives.

I saw my doctor on Monday. Luke is very active and the doctor confirmed he is heads down which is perfect. I mentioned the swelling in my hands and feet and she wasn't concerned because my blood pressure was 110 over 70. She told me to hang in there drink lots of water and prop my feet as often as I can when the swelling occurs. Unfortunately the swelling has become a regular symptom this week. I told my boss my last day of work is October 15th and I plan to work from home a bunch between now and that date so I can prop my feet up more comfortably than at a desk or a conference room table.

Joel, Ben and I went on a tour of the birthing center today. It was nice to see how things are done at this hospital, different than my previous experience in Colorado. You can basically have up to 3 rooms for your stay at the birthing center: the triage room where they determine whether you are really in labor or not, the birthing room where you give birth and 90 minutes after they move you and the baby to the recovery room. In Colorado it all happened in the same room which kept things simple but I know this hospital is a good one so I won't pass judgment at this point. Apparently the maternity ward was completely full the last couple of days because this is when all the New Year's Eve conceived babies arrive in the world. In Colorado we had a blizzard the year before Ben was born and the hospital had little baby t-shirts made that said: I was a blizzard baby. Ben was conceived before then so I provided management supervision while Joel shoveled four feet of snow off the driveway and out to the main road. Boy he worked hard that day and earned his keep.

I am I feeling so anxious! I feel restless like it's time for little Luke to come out already. Perhaps it's because I delivered Ben three weeks early or the control freak in me can't easily prepare for every possible scenario or I've got everything organized at the house here for the baby. Of course there are always a few things that need to get done like de-mossing the front walkway which gets super slippery in the rain (Joel's job) and the never ending laundry. I keep waiting for my mind to fixate on something crazy as part of the nesting phase. I've been eyeing our messy garage and our big storage closet for the past few days but haven't had the energy to pursue them yet.

I've been having lots of mild contractions for the past few days, nothing painful or consistent, but my body is definitely getting ready for labor and it's amazing how my mind just fixates on it. I keep reading books to try to take my mind off of pregnancy, labor and delivery but it's nearly impossible to ignore them. I think I've read 5 books at least in the past week and still I'm restless, stir crazy, and counting down each minute until the next segment begins: the arrival of baby Luke. Oh and I've memorized all the signs of labor so hopefully that will help when I actually go into labor.

Til Next Week!

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