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Week 37/38
~ Ripe and Ready

ErikaI had my doctor visit on Wednesday and I'm 2cm dilated and my cervix is ripe. The baby could arrive any time now. His heartbeat is strong and he is growing well based on the size of my belly and blessedly head down. I did have some spotting for two days after the internal exam.

So my cervix is ripe and I'm ready to have baby Luke already. It's amazing how physically uncomfortable this week has been. I didn't get to experience it with Ben as I delivered him at 37 weeks. Now I'm two weeks to my due date and I find myself counting down the hours instead of just the days as before. I've worked out a coverage plan with my neighbor and my sister-in-law to take care of Ben should I go into labor. It's wonderful to have friends and family nearby.

Let me list out my symptoms for fun. Heartburn, swelling of the hands and feet daily (although my blood pressure is at a good level), braxton hicks contractions, vivid, almost morbid dreams, frequent urination, especially in the middle of the night, and last but not least irritability.

Here are pictures of myself and Ben. As you can see I don't think I can get any bigger and Ben can't possibly get any cuter. Ben is going to be Captain Rex for Halloween this year.

BenI have one more week at work before I am considered on leave unless of course I deliver earlier. My boss says he is keeping his car clean so he can whisk me to the hospital the minute I have a single contraction in the office.

We do have one more hurdle to overcome with our refinance soap opera this week. Joel and I met with the closer on Friday morning and signed all the paperwork to get our rental home refinanced. Then the closer somehow didn't know she had to fax the paperwork to the lender so the loan could fund. Instead she fedex'ed the documents to the lender in Colorado which meant the loan went unfunded on Friday. Now we have to set a new closing date and sign all those papers all over again. Sigh. This will be our fifth attempt to close on this refinance. Whatever you all do, never use Provident Funding as your lender. They have jerked us around so much that I'm ready to throw in the towel or have a baby, whichever comes first.

Hopefully my next post will contain baby pictures but we'll see. Luke doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave the womb yet.


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