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Gayesy's Pregnancy Journal

Gaye and Andrew

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Gaye's pregnancy journal.

Andrew and Gaye live in Australia and have been married almost 11 years. They are the proud parents of Thomas, born in February 1997 and were joyously expecting their second baby. Unfortunately little Peanut died in utero during the 14th week and instead of being happily pregnant, Gayesy and Andrew are grieving for their baby. Our love, hugs and support Gaye and Andrew.

Gaye's Journal Entries

Meet Gayesy!

Weeks 3, 4 and 5
Well, am I or aren't I?

Week 6
Booking In and Busting Out

Week 7
Daydreams and Cravings

Week 8
Worries, Tears and Relief

Week 9
Body Changes and Feeling Down

Week 10
Down But Not Out!

Week 11
Riots, Retail Therapy and Reassurance

Week 12
Excited and Feeling Great!

Week 13
Sick and Tired!

Week 14
Holidays and Hormones

Week 15
Despair and Devastation

Gayesy's Pregnancy After Loss Journal
YES! Gayesy had a beautiful healthy baby girl after losing Nicholas.

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