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Week 10
~ Down But Not Out!

I have still been feeling pretty down but am determined not to let it take hold! I am doing my best to be positive and I think it is actually working! After my dreadful experience with Post Partum Depression after Thomas was born, I do NOT want to go there again!

I was contemplating some retail therapy to cheer myself up. That didn't eventuate for several reasons: firstly, I find it SO hard to take Thomas to the shops these days as he wants to either be carried or run away from me, both of which leave me an exhausted wreck; secondly, after literally months of no rain, we have had almost constant downpour and even when my parents would have been able to come with us (and help with Thomas!) the thought of parking in the rain and having to juggle umbrellas etc. was too much. Maybe next week!

I have been experiencing some pretty major back pains. It is pretty strange - they start low down on the right side of my bottom and radiate downwards into my right thigh. The other night I was watching Thomas in the bath when it got really bad, so I got down on the ground on all fours and then pushed my bottom back onto my heels and stretched my arms forward. It actually helped! It was all pretty instinctive to do that and I felt really pleased that I could work out what to do to alleviate the pain.

That brings me back to thoughts of labour! I am so excited about getting "another chance" at it. I can remember when I was lying on my back with my legs in stirrups and Thomas was being extracted from me the whole way by forceps that I said to myself, "I can NEVER go through this again!" The thing is that I am actually looking forward to doing things differently and hoping, hoping, hoping, that this time I won't come away feeling so traumatised by the whole thing. We are planning on doing some natural childbirth classes in my last trimester, and I have been reading up about it too.

My morning sickness has pretty much gone! On the one hand, that is of course very pleasing, but the "worrier" part of me is a bit concerned. I have also lost a significant amount of weight, but I am guessing that it is mostly fluid, as my tummy doesn't stick out so much at the end of an evening. If I weren't so exhausted I wouldn't even feel pregnant at the moment! I can't wait until I can see the doctor again and hopefully hear little Peanut's heartbeat - I could do with some reassurance right now!

Sleep has been somewhat elusive lately as I am trying to get myself back in the habit of sleeping on my side. This is not at all my most comfortable position, to put it mildly! I keep waking up and then having trouble getting back to sleep. At least I should be used to it by the time it is really necessary. I sure do hope so anyway . . .

Only one more week to go until I see the obstetrician again! I can hardly wait!

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