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Week 11
~ Riots, Retail Therapy and Reassurance

At the beginning of the week, I was feeling so grumpy and irritable and HATING it! Thomas's behaviour was driving me NUTS and so was the dog. It is thunderstorm season here now so almost every evening we are graced with a big storm, which was sending Possum ballistic! Thomas found it so amusing that he started getting all "hyper" too. One night after several hours of trying to cope with both of them I felt like I was going to absolutely LOSE it. Andrew arrived home from work and Thomas decided it would be funny to try and hit him with his toy spade. Before we could stop him, he had overbalanced and fallen and cracked his head on the tiled floor (Boy, tiled floors are NOT forgiving!). A trip to the ER just capped off the perfect day . . .

Thankfully he was okay with some special glue and steri-strips, but I ended up with another pregnancy migraine with all the stress. I rang Possum's breeder to see what could be done about her thunderstorm phobia and she suggested some herbal medicine to calm her nerves. I can tell you that the thought of giving something similar to Thomas crossed Thomas's breeder's mind too! LOL!! Come to think of it, I could have probably done with some myself!! Hehe . . .

Anyway, I woke up one morning and promised myself that I was going to have a CALM day. I was simply not going to let myself get stressed by anything, get drawn into any battles with Thomas, and was going to go out and buy some of that herbal remedy for Possum. Great news! From that day on, I have been coping so much better! I haven't raised my voice or felt overwhelmed AND the dog has really settled down too thankfully.

I finally had the opportunity for some good old-fashioned retail therapy! With some of the money my parents had given us, I bought myself a really nice pale lilac dress, which I can wear when Andrew and I go out for our anniversary just before Christmas and for any other special occasions like that. It is amazing how one dress can cheer a person up! I also bought a little rocker seat for Peanut - not that (s)he will be in it very often, as I have a GREAT sling, but it will be useful for when we are all playing down at floor level. It has little "tartan teddies" on it - very cute!

My second obstetrician appointment went REALLY well. She started by reviewing all my blood work from last time, and I'm sure you will all be relieved to know that I don't have syphilis or HIV! LOL! My urine was fine, as was my blood pressure. Then came the FUN part! I heard little Peanut's heartbeat for the first time! Thomas was with me (Andrew had to work unfortunately) and he was quite touched by the experience too. The doctor said I was "perfect"! WOW! I really feel confident now about the pregnancy. I feel like shouting from the rooftops "I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!" Everything is going to be just fine now: I know it!

Andrew took Thomas and me out to a really lovely restaurant for dinner to celebrate the good news. Boy did I enjoy that meal!

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