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Week 13
~ Sick and Tired

Oh boy have I been sick and tired! Not of the pregnancy mind you - I mean LITERALLY! Thomas somehow managed to catch a cold and like the thoughtful child that he is, he decided to share it with me - LOL! Andrew caught it too unfortunately. Whilst Thomas and Andrew recovered very quickly, I am still feeling pretty shocking a week after first coming down with the virus. Thankfully, I have not needed antibiotics this time nor has my temperature been especially high, so I am pleased about that.

I have also been feeling EXTREMELY tired, probably partially due to being pregnant, part due to the cold, and part due to trying to care for "Tornado Thomas". I don't recall ever being this tired before, even when suffering from some pretty nasty viruses or after my post-partum haemorrhage two weeks after Thomas's birth. I hope it eases a bit soon, because it is a real effort to do anything much at the moment. I have Christmas presents to buy and wrap, a house to try and keep clean and tidy, meals to cook and so on. All I feel like doing is lying on a bed and dozing but that just isn't possible!

Despite being ill and so exhausted, I have still been feeling very positive about the pregnancy, and enjoying lots of great dreams and daydreams about it. I booked in for some ante-natal classes, and can hardly wait! Last pregnancy, we did the ones offered by the hospital. They were pretty good I must say but this time I wanted to do more in the way of active, natural childbirth. We are going to do classes run by the Childbirth Education Association, and the course outline looks great. Now I have to just wait a few months! We will also do the two-hour "refresher course" run by the hospital, more to re-familiarise ourselves with where to go, getting another tour of the labour ward and so on than anything else.

I think I have started to feel little Peanut move! With Thomas, even though it was of course my first pregnancy, I did feel him move somewhere between 13 and 14 weeks, so I guess it is quite possible that I am really feeling my little Peanut already. I can feel movement both from the "inside" and when I hold my hand to the bit of the uterus which is above my pelvic bone. I can't wait for the movements to be more definite - they were probably one of the best things about being pregnant last time. It will be interesting to see how the cats react this time! With Thomas, they seemed to have a "three strikes and you're out" policy! Whenever I would lie down and they would snuggle up to my tummy, Thomas would tend to kick, and after the first one, they would look at me strangely and then readjust their position. Second kick, the same thing. Third kick and they were "outta there"! Now I don't know whether cats can count or not, but believe me, it was ALWAYS the third kick that had them moving away. LOL!

My weight has been a bit "weird". It has been going up a little bit only to drop back down again. I am now at 3 ounces more than before I was pregnant! I am pretty sure that my weight will start to increase soon and actually stay up. Last pregnancy I gained about 30 pounds in total: this pregnancy I would like to have a slightly smaller total gain but really I will just eat healthfully and see what happens. Your body has a way of taking over to some extent! Last time I was so concerned about each week's exact gain and even tried to "regulate" it by my eating. I guess I learnt that in reality nothing I did was going to change my body's need to gain - I just kept on growing no matter what I did! This time I am determined not to let my phobias haunt me too much! I am still at the stage where I can wear my normal clothes but have started choosing to occasionally wear a maternity outfit just for fun. Thomas even likes looking at my maternity selection with me and helping me choose!

Well, now I am "officially" at the end of the first trimester! It is a GREAT feeling! From now on, I will no doubt notice quite major changes in my body, feel stronger movements, and MAYBE even get back some energy.

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