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Weeks 3, 4 and 5
~ Well, am I or aren't I?

Well, I guess you all know what happened at the start of week 3!! LOL! Actually, I am counting my ovulation date as the start of week 3 rather than going by my last period, as I ovulated early. I THOUGHT I did anyway . . .

Very soon after ovulation, three days in fact, I started feeling "different". My breasts were SO tender, sore even. In fact, when I picked Thomas up and he even brushed against my side, it REALLY hurt! A couple of days after this, I started feeling very queasy, which doesn't happen all that often to me. Even very rich foods normally don't bother me (not that I eat a lot of them of course). Then I started needing to empty my bladder more often than usual. This is REALLY saying something, by the way, because I could swear my bladder is NORMALLY the size of a walnut. LOL!

When to test?? Well, I had several different brands in the bathroom cupboard and had telephoned the various companies for information as to what level of hCG they tested for, and how many DPO (days past ovulation) they should detect a pregnancy. Boy was I obsessed!

You will probably laugh, but I actually tested at FIVE DPO, somehow thinking that there just MIGHT be two little lines there. What an idiot!! Of course there was just one line, and of course I was bitterly disappointed.

Did I learn my lesson?? NO! I tested again at 7 DPO and 9 DPO, still getting resounding negatives and feeling very discouraged. I decided I would try again on the morning of 12 DPO, and I waited all night without using the bathroom (quite a feat!) beforehand to see if I could help things along a bit. Well, there were the two lines!!

I rushed out of the bathroom and showed Andrew who still hadn't left for work yet (it was only 6 am!). Even he agreed there were two lines! As soon as Thomas woke up and I could get him dressed, I packed him into the car and headed for the nearest medical centre. We were waiting outside the doors when it opened and were able to be seen first!

The doctor we saw would have to be the rudest member of the medical community I have ever encountered! (And that is saying something unfortunately.) I started to tell him that I thought I was pregnant, and was there hopefully for some confirmation. I got my pregnancy test out of my purse and started to hand it to him. He waved his hands and said he was not interested in it! He then proceeded to drill me about when my last period was and I told him how I had been charting and I knew I ovulated twelve days ago, and as my usual luteal phase was 11 days, I was already overdue.

He stood there and just shook his head in disgust. He said, "That is NOT what I asked you! I do not care when you THINK you ovulated! I want to know when your last period was." By this stage I was almost in tears. I told him the date (24th August - it was now 14th September) and he just laughed at me! He started to lecture me about how ALL women have 14-day luteal phases and that he was not going to argue with me. He handed me a container to do a urine sample. I knew it would be negative because the one at home was very faint and that was using first morning urine. I had just been to the toilet an hour beforehand so I was worried that he would laugh even more.

Well, it WAS negative. I asked him for a blood test, one which would actually give a reading rather than just "+" or "-". He said he would give me a form for a blood test, but would not do the quantitative one.

I waited anxiously all day and slept very poorly that night. I went back to see a different doctor to get my results the next morning. I could hardly believe it. NEGATIVE. I asked him why I would get a positive home test but a negative blood test and he said the home one must be wrong, and to come back in 7 to 14 days if I still didn't have my period. I just looked at him and said, "Easier said than done." He told me I was impatient (a really big help at that point, I can tell you).

As soon as I had managed to get Thomas and myself back to the car, I started sobbing. I rang Andrew on my mobile phone and told him the bad news. He was pretty upset too. I sobbed for at least an hour and then I calmed down enough to think it through again. Late for my period, sore breasts, nausea, tiredness, frequent trips to the loo, positive home pregnancy test - it all added up to a pretty good picture. Certainly if I was trying to AVOID pregnancy, I would have been pretty worried!!

I did two more tests from the bathroom cupboard and they also came back a faint positive. I did another test two days later, which was also faint positive! By now I was thinking that either the blood test was actually botched or that the level it tested for was higher than that of the home tests. If that awful doctor had let me get the quantitative test I had requested, by now I would have had confirmation! AAARRRGGGHHH!

I thought I would try one more first morning test so hung on all night and low and behold, on the morning of 16 DPO, I got two very definite pink lines! I made an appointment to see a different doctor (at a different medical centre too). She was amazed at the treatment I had received at the other centre! She actually looked at my test, and said it looked very good. She WAS interested in my ovulation date too!! I asked for a urine test, which came back positive too, and also for a blood test as by this stage I was feeling very confused and wanted confirmation. That night I phoned and got the news I had been waiting for. A definite positive AND a great progesterone level too!

Thomas and I picked Andrew up from the train station, and we went out to dinner to celebrate. While we were waiting for our food, we phoned all the relatives with the good news. I felt so excited but also as if it was all a bit unreal. After days of "Am I? Aren't I?" I still felt a bit at sea and it took a while to really sink in!

Two days after the NICE doctor visit, Thomas started coming down with a cold. In the doctor's waiting room he had been coughed on by a little girl, so I really wasn't surprised, although I WAS very annoyed and upset about it. Thankfully, he didn't get too sick, but *I* did!

Oh boy, was I sick. I had temperatures around 103ºF, I was coughing until I choked and vomited, I could barely MOVE off the couch. I had not been this sick since I could remember. It was AWFUL. I had to go back to the doctor and was put on antibiotics, which are Category A and so considered safe during pregnancy, but still I would have preferred not to have needed them. Not what you would call a good start to the pregnancy . . .

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