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Week 6
~ Booking In and Busting Out

Well, finally I am feeling a bit better after my brush with good old Mr. Influenza. I still feel very weak, and have just started being able to eat small amounts. Now I have been contending with morning sickness as well. It has been coming in waves. I haven't actually vomited, but at times have wished I did, just in the hope of feeling less nauseous afterwards! I have been feeling REALLY tired, and getting a bit impatient and grumpy with Thomas. I hate being moody!

I rang the obstetrician's offices to make an appointment, knowing that these things have to be done well in advance. I will be seeing a young female ob/gyn whom my previous obstetrician recommended. The guy I saw with Thomas's pregnancy is no longer delivering babies. He was recently offered the position of heading up the IVF clinic at the largest private hospital in Queensland, and is not able to do any obstetric work anymore. I joke that he is allowed to get women pregnant, but just not allowed to be there for the delivery! (Actually, Andrew is probably a bit like that - very happy to be at the conception, but a bit anxious about being at the delivery!)

The good news is that this doctor is working out of the same offices as the other one used to, with the same secretary and everything. When I phoned, she remembered me! The only potential problem is that the fees have gone up substantially since last time. Now even after claiming on Medicare and our private health insurance, it will cost us $840 just for the delivery!! Better start saving now . . .

The secretary also suggested I book in at the hospital because apparently they are so popular that they have to turn women away if they aren't booked in very early. It seemed funny to be filling in all these forms - it still doesn't seem a reality that I am actually having a baby! Oh well, I went through the motions and have a little slip of paper stating that I am expected there in May next year to have my baby! AWESOME!! (It is a GREAT hospital by the way - wonderful staff, lovely rooms, gee, even the food is good!)

I have had to make an emergency dash to the shops! My bras just don't fit anymore. I am really busting out! This happened last pregnancy too - I went from an A-cup (well, smaller actually) to a D-cup in about the first 30 weeks or so. By week 5 or 6 I needed new bras, and this time is no different. Thomas is wondering how big my "bees" are going to get!!

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