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Week 7
~ Daydreams and Cravings

I have started to let myself get a bit more excited about the pregnancy and have been doing a fair bit of daydreaming! Andrew took Thomas over to his parent's house on Sunday morning and I had a chance to lie down for a while. Even though I was EXHAUSTED (yes, at 10 in the morning!), there was NO WAY I could sleep. I lay there with one of our cats sprawled on top of me purring away, closed my eyes and imagined the birth, the first few days after my baby comes, what she will look like (yes, every time I think of the baby, I come up with a picture of a girl), breastfeeding her, holding her in my arms. It seems too good to be true!

I picture an unmedicated birth where I am able to push my baby out myself! Thomas's birth was such a traumatic experience, and I still to this day feel somehow cheated that he had to be delivered the whole way by forceps. I don't feel like I GAVE BIRTH: I feel like I had him extracted from me. The baby has dark hair and beautiful dark blue eyes, just like Thomas did, and she is born well and able to suckle immediately.

We have actually already picked names! If our baby is a girl, she will be called Kaitlin Grace. This is our "girl name" we picked when expecting Thomas, and we still love it so there is no need to think up a new one. The boy's name, which we are not quite so sure about, is Nicholas Andrew. I actually really like the name Matthew, but Andrew doesn't like it because it reminds him of someone he knew and didn't get along with. I really do have a feeling this baby is a girl. I had a feeling that Thomas was a boy, so you never know, I could be right twice. We will just have to wait and see. Of course, I will be thrilled with a baby of either gender. I just want him/her to be healthy and feel loved.

I have been having increased nausea, which at times has made it almost impossible to eat or even drink. I am not letting it get me down, and it IS bearable. I am making myself have at least sips of water (or cordial) and have been eating some crackers with vegemite. I normally can't stand the stuff, but at the moment, I am craving it. It could be because it is so high in Vitamin B. It is also rather salty, so maybe it is helping keep me thirsty enough to keep drinking?

My parents have given us some money to buy "baby stuff" and maternity clothes. I already have quite a few items from last time, but as this pregnancy will be in different seasons, I will need to get some more warm clothes. I went out and bought a new dress and a top (both NOT warm clothes mind you!). We don't need much at all for our baby, as she/he will be sleeping with us and spending most of the time in our arms: most things we would need we probably already have anyway. Once we know the sex, I am going on a MAJOR shopping spree for baby clothes though!

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