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Week 8
~ Worries, Tears and Relief

The appointment started out GREAT, she seemed lovely, agreed not to weigh me (given my past weight phobias - to put it mildly - it stresses me out to the max to have anyone else weigh me even now), she was fine with the fact that I am still nursing Thomas, also fine with me carrying him around etc, etc. When I told her about the spotting, she did seem concerned and said she would do an ultrasound during the examination (she has one in her office) to check that things were okay. Well, she's doing the scan, and saying, "Well, there's the uterus, there is an ovary, um, ah . . ." I could see she was at a loss for words and said, "You can't see a baby in there, can you?" and she said, "Well, actually, no I can't."

At this point, I felt like I was living a nightmare. She sent me for URGENT blood tests and made an urgent appointment for me to see an ultrasound guy who is downstairs in her building. Now, he is not just any ultrasound guy, he is the top one in the whole state, and maybe even Australia wide. He does nothing but specialising in obstetric ultrasound, and has state-of-the-art equipment. After having VERY painful blood tests (the stupid woman put the needle in the wrong place!) and then spending time in the bathroom crying my eyes out (I picked a bad day to wear mascara!), I went downstairs to have the ultrasound done. They took me in straight away. The guy was lovely (I remembered him from my 18 week scan with Thomas), had GREAT bedside manner (he got me to put the thing in so he didn't even have to look at my private parts, then he took the end of it and kept looking at the screen). As soon as he got the right spot, he said, "Of course you have a baby! Look!! See the little heart beating?" I could have hugged him right there and then!! I went from despair to joy in about one second! I am six days less along than I thought I was, which puts Andrew in a category where he probably deserves some sort of award, given when we did the appropriate thing. I had no idea sperm could last THAT long!!

Anyway, all is fine, the baby is 6.8mm long, that's about 1/4 inch I think. I even got a little picture! I also have had no more spotting, so am feeling much happier about things now. I am still a bit in shock though and think it might take a little while for me to be able to relax!

Oh, and here's something I found very funny! The ultrasound doctor (who is actually also an ob/gyn) phoned my ob while I was still in his office, and she must have said something like, "Well, why couldn't I see it then?" because he replied, "(a very rude but common Aussie expression) if I know!" I like this man's style!!

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