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Gayesy's pregnancy after loss journal
Gaye and Andrew
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Gaye's pregnancy after loss journal.

Andrew and Gaye live in Australia and have been married 11 years. They are the proud parents of Thomas, born in February 1997 and were joyously expecting their second baby. Unfortunately Nicholas died around the 15th week in December 2000. Andrew and Gaye conceived again and delivered a perfect baby daughter, four days past her due date, on February 26, 2002.

Here's Gayesy's story, week by week . . .

Gayesy's Journal Entries
Read Gayesy's Parenting Journal!


Meet Gayesy

Weeks 1-4
What a Month!

Week 5

Week 6
Definitely Feeling Pregnant!

Week 7
Talk About a Roller Coaster!

Week 8

Week 9
Slowly But Surely!

Week 10
A Much-Needed Change in Attitude

Week 11
A Better Week!

Week 12
Excited and Feeling Great!

Week 13
A very exciting week!

Week 14
Feeling Sad . . .

Week 15
Still hanging in there!

Week 16
Music Therapy!

Week 17
More reassurance!

Week 18
Movements and Nesting!

Week 19
A Special Time

Week 20
The icing on the reassurance cake!

Week 21
A Stressful Week

Week 22
The five month mark!

Week 23
More preparations!

Week 24
Feeling the heat!

Week 25
All puffed up and nowhere to go!

Week 26
Fun at "baby school"!

Week 27
Sick and miserable

Week 28
Getting organised!

Week 29
Feeling pretty positive now!

Week 30
Tears for Baby Nicholas . . .

Week 31
Nesting - Big Time!

Week 32
A Merry Little Christmas!

Week 33

Week 34
Barefoot and Pregnant!

Week 35
Feeling awful but feeling great!

Week 36
Patience Is a Virtue!

Week 37
Stressed to the max!

Week 38
A Long Week!

Week 39
Chats With Baby Katelyn!

Week 40
Can't believe I'm still here!

Birth Story

Gayesy's Parenting Journal

Gayesy's 2000 Pregnancy Journal

PAILS of Hope Cubby

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