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Week 19
~ A special time

This week something really special happened! Both Thomas and Andrew were able to feel little Munchkin moving! They were both pretty excited by this, and Thomas, the little sweetie, bent over and kissed my tummy afterwards. It was an incredible moment for all of us.

I am so very thankful that I am feeling so many definite movements now and am cherishing every single one of them. I really feel like I am EXPERIENCING my baby! Every moment is precious. No matter what happens from now on, no one can ever take these experiences away from me. I feel like I have a kind of relationship with my baby. It is just so amazing and makes all the aches and pains etc so worthwhile. This would have to be the best thing about pregnancy for me!

My nose has still been giving me heaps of trouble unfortunately. I am pretty sure now that this is no longer a cold virus but instead the "usual" pregnancy nasal stuffiness. Oh boy, I don't know if I can cope with this for the rest of the pregnancy because I am simply unable to sleep very well at all and am getting quite panicky about it all. The funny thing is that the severe back pains I have been having (that are so bad sometimes I can barely walk), don't bother me nearly as much as having a stuffed up nose! It's a psychological thing, or maybe "psychoILlogical" might be a more appropriate description! LOL!

I actually ended up going to the doctor (G.P.) to ask about this, as well as the upper abdominal pain attacks. She was SO lovely. This doctor is the one I went to see shortly after I lost little Nicholas, and she was so good to me at that very tough time. She REALLY listened to what I was saying and gave me some suggestions to help with my nose. There is an over-the-counter nose spray that is category A for pregnancy (meaning basically that many women have used it and there has been no problem at all) that she thinks is worth a try. It is kind of like a mild asthma-prevention spray but for your nose! If that doesn't work, she has given me a script for something that is category B. I would prefer not to need that, but I did actually use it when I was expecting Thomas, as well as the associated asthma puffer. So far it isn't doing much, but it does take a while apparently, so I am hanging in there.

As far as the abdominal pain is concerned, she thinks that gallbladder problems are a possibility given the severity of the pain, how it presents and the tenderness I felt when she pressed that area. I have to have a scan to see if that is the case. Friday will be interesting! At 9am I am having the upper abdominal scan at one place at the hospital (and I have to fast for at least six hours beforehand). At 10:15am I am having my pregnancy scan at the specialist obstetric ultrasound clinic somewhere else in the building! Holy moly! I think I will be all "scanned out" but the end of the morning!

You know how a few weeks' ago I was so sure that I was having a girl that I almost went and bought some pink baby clothes? Well, this past week or so my intuition has done a 180 degree turn and I now feel quite strongly that Munchkin is a little boy! I guess I will be right with one or other of my predictions!! Andrew and I were discussing the gender "thing" the other night and he really agreed that either way we will both be thrilled and yet have some slight sadness that it isn't the other gender. Sounds strange I know, but if it is a girl, we will be delighted but also a bit disappointed it isn't a boy; if it is a boy, we will be delighted but also a bit disappointed it isn't a girl. I think the disappointment part is more due to the fact that we realise this is our last child and that whatever the gender, there will be no more. Only a few days more and we should know, assuming of course that little Munchkin isn't too shy about letting us know!

The first thing I think I will do when we find out is to go out and buy a little Forever Friends bear with either an M (for Mitchell) or a K (for Katelyn). So far on our stereo, we have A, G, T and N bears for the other members of our family - I am very keen to add little Munchkin! Andrew wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lash out and buy three "P" bears for our pets - Pumpkin, Princess and Possum, but I reassured him that I wasn't going that far! LOL! I also had a great idea for Christmas. In many shopping centres here from about November on, you can buy Christmas baubles for your tree that have names handpainted on them. I want to get one for Thomas, Nicholas and Munchkin (either Mitchell or Katelyn). I think it will help get me through December, which is bound to be tough given that we lost Nicholas at that time last year.

Even though it is barely Spring here, I have started feeling quite hot a lot of the time! Our Summers are long, hot and very humid (almost 100% humidity - if you spill a drop of some water on the floor, you don't expect it to evaporate!). As I get bigger, it will just get hotter, and February is our hottest month of all. Thank goodness we had air conditioning installed when we bought this house three years ago. I am already just wearing sleeveless dresses and sandals most days to keep myself comfortable, so I can imagine what our electricity bills will be like soon. LOL!

I can't wait until Friday!!

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