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Week 24
~ Feeling the heat!

Wow - 24 weeks! In some ways it seems like I have been pregnant for YEARS (and let's face it - I have now been pregnant for 40 weeks out of the past 14 months, still with no baby to show for it). In other ways it seems like the time is flying by. It's a weird feeling! In just a few more months, little Katelyn will hopefully be safely in my arms. I can hardly wait!

One concern I have (and I imagine every pregnant woman fears this to some extent) is going into labour prematurely. Having had Thomas at 36 weeks, I am considered higher risk for going into labour early than say someone who has never had an early labour. The good thing is that he wasn't TOO early and he was fine after a few days in the Special Care Nursery. We were so lucky that he was okay, and he actually was quite a decent weight for a 36-weeker - 6 pounds, 6 ounces! My obstetrician did mention at my last appointment that he might want to get another scan done at around 34 weeks to see how the placenta is going. When Thomas was born, the obstetrician who was covering for my own doctor that weekend exclaimed that it was the most awful, disgusting placenta he had ever seen! He really knew how to make my day - LOL!

Apart from fleeting concerns about going into labour early, I thankfully have been feeling quite confident about the pregnancy lately. I think that having the bits of testing done that we did really helped. I know that there are still things that could go wrong, but it helps immeasurably to know that things are "so far, so good". To have had experts take a good look at little Katelyn and not find anything even the slightest bit worrying was SO great! Of course the frequent movements I am feeling are added reassurance these days. Every time I feel a little kick or punch I know she is literally "alive and kicking". Some kicks have actually started to hurt a bit (I think she has hit my right ovary a couple of times and it is actually still hurting), but I honestly don't mind because I love feeling my precious little one!

The gathering with the in-laws went okay. Andrew's sister's family didn't come because my nephew had been vomiting that day, so it was just us and his parents. The trip over there was very nerve-wracking. I ended up having to drive Thomas and myself there as Andrew was running late at work again (surprise, surprise!), and it was very dark and raining very heavily. It was kind of good in a way that the driving took all my concentration, because I wasn't able to dwell on how terrified I was about seeing his parents! They just couldn't help themselves but comment that I was looking "VERY well", which to someone with an anorexic brain basically means "Gee, you're looking fat!". Oh well, it could have been much worse I guess!

Two days later was my Mum's birthday and we went and visited my parents for a while. They had just got back from a month's trip overseas (U.S., Canada, the U.K. and France) and were quite jet-lagged. They had bought a couple of little things for Katelyn, including a gorgeous little outfit for her to wear next Summer (great, because after her first three months or so, I have absolutely nothing for her to wear!).

All three of us have been suffering from a cold. Thankfully it has been quite mild and seems to be going to stay that way. I have been keeping a close eye on my temperature and it has been fine. I have actually been extremely lucky this pregnancy with avoiding serious illness. When I was expecting Thomas I ended up in hospital twice with serious chest infections and asthma - not a lot of fun I can tell you! This time all I have had is a couple of mild colds - for once it seems my immune system is actually doing its job - LOL!

Thomas and I witnessed a very ugly side of human nature the other day, and boy did it bring out the mother bear in me! Stupidly, I took him along to the opening of a new shopping centre near where we live. I should have realised that things would be crazy in there but I didn't until it was too late. We could hardly even move because there were so many people, prams and so on, and there were even security guards cordoning off the entry to some of the shops because they were getting too full! At noon, there was going to be a "balloon drop", where they were letting 1000 balloons go inside the centre, and each one had a voucher inside. I thought it would be fun to be there! BIG mistake! Thomas and I almost got crushed as people on all sides of us rushed at the people holding the balloons. There were people on the ground being trampled on, children being squashed and so on. It was a nightmare. I was screaming, trying to protect both Thomas and my tummy. I got us out of there as quickly as I could. I was absolutely DISGUSTED at the behaviour of the people there who were so intent on getting a silly balloon voucher that they were prepared to injure others in order to do so. I was shaking for some time afterwards but very thankful that we didn't get hurt. Oh my!

Well, Summer is starting to hit us in full force even though we are nowhere near the hottest month yet. (Of course, the hottest month would have to be February, when I am due! LOL!) One day this week, it got near 100°F! Thankfully, it wasn't as humid as it usually is, so it actually wasn't as uncomfortable as it could have been. Nevertheless, I have been turning the air conditioners on in the afternoons for some relief. By the end of the day, my feet and hands are quite swollen and I am very glad when I am just at home and able to wander around barefoot. I am a bit worried that I won't be able to wear my rings much longer. That would really upset me because I have never been without my wedding ring since we were married almost 12 years ago. I will just have to see how I go I guess! I have been INCREDIBLY thirsty and have been drinking water like it's going out of style. That of course just makes me need to visit the bathroom even more often. I swear that I need to go at least every hour during the day and at least every two hours at night. Yikes!

I know that there is still a long way to go in this pregnancy, but I can now at least see the end in sight. It is so exciting - and scary too! I haven't cared for a newborn in almost five years so am very much out of practice. I really hope I manage! I am not letting the worries overwhelm me though, and am instead concentrating on the excitement and joy of it all. I keep looking at the little clothes I have washed and folded, imagining holding my precious little baby in my arms and it all seems so amazing!

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