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Week 26
~ Fun at "baby school"!

This has been a very exciting week! To start it off, Thomas and I had quite an experience with Katelyn! First thing in the morning, Thomas and I woke up and were having some cuddles as we always do (Andrew had left for work a couple of hours earlier). I started feeling some very definite movements, more distinct than I had felt thus far. From the outside, I could actually see a little lump moving around so I touched it. I am sure it was a little tiny foot as I could feel the outline. Thomas started feeling too and was very excited by it all. The really amazing thing is that I am certain that Katelyn was checking us out just as much as we were with her! She seemed to be trying to feel our hands! Thomas then decided he wanted to kiss her foot so he bent over to do so - he got kicked right on the mouth! There was some real interaction going on - I could have kept playing with her all day!

Our first ante-natal class was great! Thomas didn't get at all upset that we were gone, and Andrew and I had a really good time. There was only one other couple there actually, which in many ways is a good thing because it makes the class very personal and gives lots of chance for questions. The only down side is that of course it means we meet less other expectant parents. The educator is a midwife and she was excellent, really down-to-earth, funny, giving lots of great information. As I have read so much about labour I wasn't really expecting to hear much that I hadn't heard before but I certainly have already picked up some great tips, got some ideas for some good positions for labour and birth that I hadn't seen before, and basically feel that even the stuff I did already know has been explained in a slightly different way that will really help. My favourite thing I learnt this week was BRAN. It stands for Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Now or later - all the questions you should ask if any intervention is suggested. In my labour with Thomas, I felt that I allowed a domino effect to begin because I didn't ask enough questions. Now I feel quite a bit happier that I will know what to ask.

We saw some videos of women in labour and giving birth. I had to try VERY hard to hold back the tears when the babies were born! It was quite confronting to see the women in all that pain and I must admit that the reality of it all has got me slightly worried. I REALLY want to go through labour with no drug forms of pain relief but am just not sure if I can do it! Andrew is even more worried than I am and I think in many ways he would prefer it if I just had an epidural as soon as I get to the hospital - although he does see why I don't want one and he understands that once interventions are started, the whole thing can become a "cascade of intervention". It is hard to imagine myself being able to cope and yet I must say that I am SO excited about it all. It still seems kind of unreal to me that I am actually having a baby but I think it is really going to happen!

There were some very funny anecdotes that she shared. Oh my goodness! One was at a birth she attended recently where the mother had just had a huge episiotomy (I think for a forceps delivery), and was in the process of being stitched up by her obstetrician. The husband was obviously quite taken aback by the extent of the cut and in his shock the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "So when can we have sex again?". The obstetrician, who happened to be a female by the way, turned around and said, "Well, we usually wait for the placenta to be out first!" One other very funny anecdote was the poor woman who rang the labour ward when Deborah (our educator) was on duty, with the concern that her vagina had just "exploded" during sex! It turned out that her waters had broken (she thought what she was leaking was semen - LOL!)! She also said she likes it when new parents ask her the baby's gender as soon as the head has been delivered! Sounds like an interesting job!

I have started making some lists! One list is for things I still need to buy, such as a few things for my labour "goodie bag", a nappy rinser hose for the toilet, and some breast pads. Another list is for things to do - it helps me feel better prepared and less anxious if I can at least write things down as I think of them, even though a lot of things don't need to be done for a little while yet (such as fitting the baby capsule to the car). The final list is of things I think I might like to have in my hospital bag. Again, I don't need to actually pack yet of course, but I figure that if I at least start jotting ideas down when the time does come to do the packing I will be all organised! As you can probably guess, I am hardly a "last minute" kind of person. LOL!

My OB appointment went very well. He seemed very happy with everything and doesn't want to see me until four more weeks time (when I will be 29 1/2 weeks). I am kind of disappointed in that I thought we might be starting two-weekly appointments from now on, but the fact that he obviously isn't worried about anything is very reassuring. I'm not particularly worried either, or of course I would ask for an extra appointment. I need to have my one-hour glucose test sometime before I see him next, and he has ordered some other blood tests as well (such as checking iron levels). My BP was fine - 105/65. I would far rather it be a little low than a little high! I am not imagining that I have a big tummy by the way! I am measuring big - at 25 1/2 weeks I measured 27cm. Holy moly! Little Katelyn still seems to be in breech position but of course that isn't anything to be concerned about at this stage. I think she enjoys kicking my cervix and jumping on my bladder too much to turn around just yet!

Unfortunately as soon as I got home after my appointment, I started feeling like I was coming down with something - "funny" nose, sore throat and so on. I was right! I have actually been quite sick the past few days and I have no idea when things will start to ease. I think I spoke too soon a couple of weeks ago when I said my immune system was doing such a good job. I feel LOUSY! The fever part has had me really worried so I have been keeping a close eye on it and went and saw the GP to get checked out. It seems at this stage to be viral and therefore there really isn't much I can do about it apart from trying to get some rest (easier said than done!), drinking lots of fluids and so on.

It's hard to believe that I am now six months pregnant! WOW! There is still a way to go of course but I feel like I am getting towards the "business end" of things. With Christmas coming up and Thomas starting preschool a month later, I think I am going to be so busy that the time will fly. It feels good to have made it this far: there are still things that could go wrong but I actually feel quite confident and positive. It still seems too good to be true though - am I REALLY going to have my little baby with me soon?

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